2 Apr 2014

The Most Beautiful Girl

Hey there!
Hope you are all doing well!  The girls here are both sick with the cold as the season changes from summer into Autumn. 
So this weeks challenge at CSI had me a little ... "Oh Dear"-ed.  Mostly because it seems to be 'ungirly' - both in the Evidence and The Scheme.
No matter - once I put my "fear" aside, I was pretty damn pleased with what I churned out today! :-)  This really is one of the best things about CSI - you TOTALLY get pushed, shoved and bumped out of your comfort zone.  And I believe that it is THIS that has helped me grow so much as a scrapper.
Scheme : Check
Evidence : Circles, Used electricity (embossed on page and on wings)
Testimony : Song Title
I printed my journaling up and fully intended using it on the front, but it just wouldn't fit, so it's glued on the back:
Many artists have sung songs about a beautiful girl.
KT Tunstall sang about a beautiful girl in ‘Suddenly I See’.
Prince sang of ‘The most beautiful girl in the world’.  Also, INXS, Charlie Rich, Sean Kingston - to name but a few.
Many of the lyrics from most of these songs hits home when it concerns my life with you - or just you.
Let’s go with some of KT Tunstall’s lyrics - it is SUCH a great song. 
“Her face is a map of the World.  You can see she’s a beautiful girl”.
You’re only three years old, but you have a sense of old soul about you.  You know things that are beyond your years and you say things that are beyond your years.  You show kindness, love, compassion and consideration that is beyond your years.
“And everything around her is a silver pool of light. The people who surround her feel the benefit of it.  It makes you calm. She holds you captivated in her palm”
You definitely captivate!  Wherever we go - mommy and daddy are told how beautiful or cute or adorable or clever you are.  You have brought SO much light into so many lives.
“She fills up every corner like she’s born in black and white.  Makes you feel warmer when you’re trying to remember what you heard.  She likes to leave you hanging on her word”.
Well.  Yes.  You have filled in a very large void in our lives with your beautiful presence.  You have made all our heartache disappear and you have single-handedly healed us completely.  When I think back to our dark years, they seem like a dream and have definitely faded, thanks to you.  Everything - every single little thing - was worth it.
“She makes me feel like I could be a tower”.
In more ways imaginable.  You have taught me exactly what being a mother is. You have taught me how to be stronger than strong.  You have made me stand tall and proud COUNTLESS times.  YOU have made me who I am.  YOU have brought me to a place where I was always meant to be.
And I can bet millions that if I were to write this piece over in a few years time, it will be completely different - more complex.  As our family of three continues to grow and develop and love and learn - so much awaits us.
 Here are my close-ups!
My first go at using sewing cotton - a bit tricky (especially with sticky fingers!), but I must say that I really ADORE the result!! 
I laid down strips of washi tape and then spread over a thin coating of GESSO, before sprinkling it (while wet) with white UTEE, red embossing powder and black microbeads.
I finished it off with a red mist (not sure of make, it's label-less).
These little wings were in a 'thank you' pack I received for an online scrapbook purchase.  I misted them with the same red mist and then sprinkled with red embossing powder.  The edges were inked with black soot by Ranger.
A better image of what the background looks like. 
Thanks for coming to take a peak! :-)


  1. Such a lovely layout and a beautiful photo backed up by powerful words. Your love for your little girl is so evident in everything that you do and I am sure there will be ups and downs and highs and lows but let me tell you that a love as strong as yours can get you through it. Love this layout of yours... so nice to have as a GDT too <3

  2. Beautiful page, awesome background and the most touching journaling. Reading your journaling alone makes me feel as if I really know you.