13 Apr 2014

Thank You Bluebird

Another ravishing challenge and sketch over at CSI currently!  I absolutely loved working with these bright and cheery, sunny colours.  And that image!  Divine!
Here's what I did with it:
Scheme : Check
Evidence : white background, jewels, hearts, doodling, fibres
Testimony : all about me prompt: the best compliment you ever received.
My journaling is printed up on the back:
Daddy has told me that I am pretty.  Uppie Gnome has done so too.  But I never believe them, as I feel that they are 'biased' and that they have seen more things that are beautiful to ACTUALLY know what they are talking about!
So I have never taken to heart what they said or what they say.
Recently, I collected you from school, wearing a royal blue top that you had never seen me wear before.
After running to me when I arrived and giving me that GREAT BIG bear hug that I look forward to every day, you stepped back, looked at me, fingered my top and said "Mommy, you look beautiful today".
While the teacher 'aah-ed', my eyes teared up and my nose prickled! I had to look away for fear of embarrassing myself.
It was one of those defining moments when everything just stops.  The rush of thoughts streaming through my head; the worries and the stressed.  It all just stopped and forced me to acknowledge and just absorb the beautiful words of innocence that came from your naïve little mouth.
Thank you for that, my Isabella.  Thank you for making your mommy so happy with such a special statement.  And thank you for your innocence and your incredibly strong ability to make us STOP and live in the NOW.
The moment I saw this scheme, I knew I wanted to have a water-colour background.  I achieved that with my Gelato's.  The strip down the left is white vellum, I wanted to soften one side, but not cover the actual water colour effect. My title has been stitched on - this is something I've seen often and wanted to try.  I love the textural effect of it.
Have a coolio day!


  1. Another amazing layout, Lisa-Marie. I love your honest journaling. xxx

  2. Another stunning layout - you are beautiful so please listen when people tell you so...Love the pics, the colours... all of it.

  3. Beautiful page....out of the mouth of babes....always truth.

  4. Gorjuss page hunnie. Love your take on the sketch and those words 'I Love You' absolutely make everything okay don't they! I know how as soon as my littly says them I am very quickly grounded and at peace. Sweet sweet page :)