22 Apr 2014

She Fills Everyday With Laughter


So this is my second last submission to CSI as a Special Investigator.  I must say, that as thrilling it was to be chosen, as honoured as I was to have shared a bit of the limelight with some UNBELIEVABLE scrappers, I missed being on the 'other side'.  See, everything about the site is an absolute build up for me!  I scratch around on FB on a Thursday just WAITING for the sneak peak ... then my mind starts to gently work.

THEN on Saturday morning, before my family has woken up, I reach for my cell phone next to my bed and I'm on the site within MINUTES to see the latest challenge.  Then I spend the next 2 - 3 days furiously planning - scribbling in my notebook, plotting.  THEN it's the loooong wait until Wednesday again until the reveal!  I tell you what - I sit with bated breath through it all!

Anyway, so after all that rambling, here is the latest challenge over at my beloved CSI:
And here is what I did with it:
Scheme : Check
Evidence : Wood, tags, metal, clock, leaves
Testimony : I journaled about something that makes me laugh - in this case, Isabella's phrases (journaling on the 3 tags)
Every day you come up with a new phrase or a new pronunciation of a word, that has your daddy and I in a fit of chuckles.  Here are a few corkers:
"Mommy, the little boys air-itate me"
"Mommy, we are learning all about cheeses (Jesus) and he wears a dress - ha-ha!"
"Mommy, are you upstet"
"Mommy, that will jis-appear" (disappear)
After school, "Mommy, I am so tired from all this walking" *sighs* "I need a rest"
"Picasso (dog), your breff STINKS"
"Mommy, marmalade is only for old ladies. I don't like marmalade"
"Mommy, I don't need a bath tonight because it's too dangerous"
"Please read Cinderella - we didn't read that in a looooooong time ago"
"Mommy, Cinderella's sisters are AKSHILLY drama queens"
Baby - I can't wait for more!
Crazy goose, or what???  I KNOW that there are more!!  I have them written down all over the place ......
Here are 2 close ups.
The flowers are from a pad my mom bought herself and shared with me - so I have NO idea what the make is.  All flowers and leaves are 'perforated' and tear out of each page.  I just gave them some 'life' with chalked edges and I also used my embossing tool on them so that they stood up.
My tags are plain white ones, which I embossed, chalked and misted.
Thanks for your visit!


  1. This is just the sweetest layout ever... such lovely photos... love the kind of vintage feel to this layout...your tags look amazing. I love them.... great job with the case file.

  2. Haha, loved your story about waiting for reveal date. My eyes are barely open on a Saturday morning and I reach for my phone to see the latest reveal. Beautiful page and lovely bluebird sayings.