29 Apr 2014

Huh? Fuzzy??!

Hi there,
Took a while to upload this - kids here are having a mid-term holiday (I know!  How robbed were we!) - and whilst Isabella is home, I don't get much time to myself, being her sole source of entertainment and all that...
Anyway, here is the latest challenge over at CSI - one of my faves by far; colours, image, the works!  AND this is my last as a Special Investigator too:
And here's what I did:
Scheme : Check
Evidence : mixed media, gesso, umbrella, wet medium, something upside down
Testimony : Sunday Scribbling : FUZZY
The word 'fuzzy' features quite prominently in our everyday life.
You refer to gassy water as Fuzzy Water.
Or fizzy juice as Fuzzy Juice.
You have effervescent balls for the bath, which you refer to as your Fuzzy Balls; the only way I can get you to happily have a bath is to lure you buy shouting and dancing "We're going to have a FUZZY BATH".
But by FAR, my most favourite form of Fuzzy is how we use it in a variety of pet names for you - Fuzzy Duck and Fuzzy Fizzlesticks.
My crazy mad angel heart!
Thank for your visit!


  1. Your page is absolutely gorgeous!! I love how you used the colors and what you did with the umbrella!! WOW!!

  2. Gorgeous page...loving the upside down umbrella.