29 Apr 2014

Huh? Fuzzy??!

Hi there,
Took a while to upload this - kids here are having a mid-term holiday (I know!  How robbed were we!) - and whilst Isabella is home, I don't get much time to myself, being her sole source of entertainment and all that...
Anyway, here is the latest challenge over at CSI - one of my faves by far; colours, image, the works!  AND this is my last as a Special Investigator too:
And here's what I did:
Scheme : Check
Evidence : mixed media, gesso, umbrella, wet medium, something upside down
Testimony : Sunday Scribbling : FUZZY
The word 'fuzzy' features quite prominently in our everyday life.
You refer to gassy water as Fuzzy Water.
Or fizzy juice as Fuzzy Juice.
You have effervescent balls for the bath, which you refer to as your Fuzzy Balls; the only way I can get you to happily have a bath is to lure you buy shouting and dancing "We're going to have a FUZZY BATH".
But by FAR, my most favourite form of Fuzzy is how we use it in a variety of pet names for you - Fuzzy Duck and Fuzzy Fizzlesticks.
My crazy mad angel heart!
Thank for your visit!

22 Apr 2014

She Fills Everyday With Laughter


So this is my second last submission to CSI as a Special Investigator.  I must say, that as thrilling it was to be chosen, as honoured as I was to have shared a bit of the limelight with some UNBELIEVABLE scrappers, I missed being on the 'other side'.  See, everything about the site is an absolute build up for me!  I scratch around on FB on a Thursday just WAITING for the sneak peak ... then my mind starts to gently work.

THEN on Saturday morning, before my family has woken up, I reach for my cell phone next to my bed and I'm on the site within MINUTES to see the latest challenge.  Then I spend the next 2 - 3 days furiously planning - scribbling in my notebook, plotting.  THEN it's the loooong wait until Wednesday again until the reveal!  I tell you what - I sit with bated breath through it all!

Anyway, so after all that rambling, here is the latest challenge over at my beloved CSI:
And here is what I did with it:
Scheme : Check
Evidence : Wood, tags, metal, clock, leaves
Testimony : I journaled about something that makes me laugh - in this case, Isabella's phrases (journaling on the 3 tags)
Every day you come up with a new phrase or a new pronunciation of a word, that has your daddy and I in a fit of chuckles.  Here are a few corkers:
"Mommy, the little boys air-itate me"
"Mommy, we are learning all about cheeses (Jesus) and he wears a dress - ha-ha!"
"Mommy, are you upstet"
"Mommy, that will jis-appear" (disappear)
After school, "Mommy, I am so tired from all this walking" *sighs* "I need a rest"
"Picasso (dog), your breff STINKS"
"Mommy, marmalade is only for old ladies. I don't like marmalade"
"Mommy, I don't need a bath tonight because it's too dangerous"
"Please read Cinderella - we didn't read that in a looooooong time ago"
"Mommy, Cinderella's sisters are AKSHILLY drama queens"
Baby - I can't wait for more!
Crazy goose, or what???  I KNOW that there are more!!  I have them written down all over the place ......
Here are 2 close ups.
The flowers are from a pad my mom bought herself and shared with me - so I have NO idea what the make is.  All flowers and leaves are 'perforated' and tear out of each page.  I just gave them some 'life' with chalked edges and I also used my embossing tool on them so that they stood up.
My tags are plain white ones, which I embossed, chalked and misted.
Thanks for your visit!

13 Apr 2014

Thank You Bluebird

Another ravishing challenge and sketch over at CSI currently!  I absolutely loved working with these bright and cheery, sunny colours.  And that image!  Divine!
Here's what I did with it:
Scheme : Check
Evidence : white background, jewels, hearts, doodling, fibres
Testimony : all about me prompt: the best compliment you ever received.
My journaling is printed up on the back:
Daddy has told me that I am pretty.  Uppie Gnome has done so too.  But I never believe them, as I feel that they are 'biased' and that they have seen more things that are beautiful to ACTUALLY know what they are talking about!
So I have never taken to heart what they said or what they say.
Recently, I collected you from school, wearing a royal blue top that you had never seen me wear before.
After running to me when I arrived and giving me that GREAT BIG bear hug that I look forward to every day, you stepped back, looked at me, fingered my top and said "Mommy, you look beautiful today".
While the teacher 'aah-ed', my eyes teared up and my nose prickled! I had to look away for fear of embarrassing myself.
It was one of those defining moments when everything just stops.  The rush of thoughts streaming through my head; the worries and the stressed.  It all just stopped and forced me to acknowledge and just absorb the beautiful words of innocence that came from your na├»ve little mouth.
Thank you for that, my Isabella.  Thank you for making your mommy so happy with such a special statement.  And thank you for your innocence and your incredibly strong ability to make us STOP and live in the NOW.
The moment I saw this scheme, I knew I wanted to have a water-colour background.  I achieved that with my Gelato's.  The strip down the left is white vellum, I wanted to soften one side, but not cover the actual water colour effect. My title has been stitched on - this is something I've seen often and wanted to try.  I love the textural effect of it.
Have a coolio day!

7 Apr 2014

The Magic of Oz

Here is my second case over at CSI as a Special Deputy.
Here is my take:
Scheme : Check
Evidence : Flowers, butterfly
Testimony : I used two words from the Random Word Generator - three, party
My journaling on the back reads:
Little did you know that your third birthday party was planned long, long, LONG before you even turned three.  In fact, items for the party were purchased before your SECOND birthday party.  That is how crazily pedantic I am. 
I had, had, HAD to get a Wizard of Oz theme going, and was fortunate enough that Graphic 45 had a stunning paper range that would fit in perfectly with what I had in mind.  Trouble is, it was an old range and I had quite a task ahead of me trying to find the paper.  But, find it I did.
Each little girl received a small 8cm x 10cm box as in invitation.  On the front, I gesso'ed a yellow brick road and pasted each of the (fussy cut) characters from the movie "walking" on the road.  Inside the box was a heart shaped chocolate covered in red foil - the tin man's heart, of course!
On the day, I laid out some fake lawn and for the little girls to sit on, I had 3 bales of straw.  Your party packs were mini picnic baskets, filled with goodies that I had made.  Your party cake was a VERY TALL 6-tiered rainbow cake which I made just for you (with your help).  I iced it too, but a kind lady made the little Oz characters for me. 
Your little dress was sewed by Oumie and I had bought the petticoat MONTHS before.  Initially, I was worried that I'd not get appropriate shoes for you - BUT luck was on my side when I happened upon these little gems - sparkles and all!  Needless to say, they were coined your "Dorothy shoes" from that day and I have since packed them away, sentimental sap that I am.
It was a wonderful party - despite the fact that you actually had NO idea who Dorothy was!  You still don't, but I know that will change soon when I introduce you to the movie!

2 Apr 2014

The Most Beautiful Girl

Hey there!
Hope you are all doing well!  The girls here are both sick with the cold as the season changes from summer into Autumn. 
So this weeks challenge at CSI had me a little ... "Oh Dear"-ed.  Mostly because it seems to be 'ungirly' - both in the Evidence and The Scheme.
No matter - once I put my "fear" aside, I was pretty damn pleased with what I churned out today! :-)  This really is one of the best things about CSI - you TOTALLY get pushed, shoved and bumped out of your comfort zone.  And I believe that it is THIS that has helped me grow so much as a scrapper.
Scheme : Check
Evidence : Circles, Used electricity (embossed on page and on wings)
Testimony : Song Title
I printed my journaling up and fully intended using it on the front, but it just wouldn't fit, so it's glued on the back:
Many artists have sung songs about a beautiful girl.
KT Tunstall sang about a beautiful girl in ‘Suddenly I See’.
Prince sang of ‘The most beautiful girl in the world’.  Also, INXS, Charlie Rich, Sean Kingston - to name but a few.
Many of the lyrics from most of these songs hits home when it concerns my life with you - or just you.
Let’s go with some of KT Tunstall’s lyrics - it is SUCH a great song. 
“Her face is a map of the World.  You can see she’s a beautiful girl”.
You’re only three years old, but you have a sense of old soul about you.  You know things that are beyond your years and you say things that are beyond your years.  You show kindness, love, compassion and consideration that is beyond your years.
“And everything around her is a silver pool of light. The people who surround her feel the benefit of it.  It makes you calm. She holds you captivated in her palm”
You definitely captivate!  Wherever we go - mommy and daddy are told how beautiful or cute or adorable or clever you are.  You have brought SO much light into so many lives.
“She fills up every corner like she’s born in black and white.  Makes you feel warmer when you’re trying to remember what you heard.  She likes to leave you hanging on her word”.
Well.  Yes.  You have filled in a very large void in our lives with your beautiful presence.  You have made all our heartache disappear and you have single-handedly healed us completely.  When I think back to our dark years, they seem like a dream and have definitely faded, thanks to you.  Everything - every single little thing - was worth it.
“She makes me feel like I could be a tower”.
In more ways imaginable.  You have taught me exactly what being a mother is. You have taught me how to be stronger than strong.  You have made me stand tall and proud COUNTLESS times.  YOU have made me who I am.  YOU have brought me to a place where I was always meant to be.
And I can bet millions that if I were to write this piece over in a few years time, it will be completely different - more complex.  As our family of three continues to grow and develop and love and learn - so much awaits us.
 Here are my close-ups!
My first go at using sewing cotton - a bit tricky (especially with sticky fingers!), but I must say that I really ADORE the result!! 
I laid down strips of washi tape and then spread over a thin coating of GESSO, before sprinkling it (while wet) with white UTEE, red embossing powder and black microbeads.
I finished it off with a red mist (not sure of make, it's label-less).
These little wings were in a 'thank you' pack I received for an online scrapbook purchase.  I misted them with the same red mist and then sprinkled with red embossing powder.  The edges were inked with black soot by Ranger.
A better image of what the background looks like. 
Thanks for coming to take a peak! :-)

1 Apr 2014


So for the month of April, I am so excited to announce that I managed to secure myself a spot on CSI as a Special Deputy!  Yay!!  Such an honour. So much of excitement!
And without further ado, here is the first case I have taken part in, namely S365-5:
I love it!  I love, love, love it!
And here is what I did:
Scheme : Check
Evidence : Stripes, Buttons, Scallops, String
Testimony : Document something silly
My journaling is typed up on the two pull-out tags on the top left:
Mommy and  Daddy decided to buy you your very own inflatable jumping castle.
It wasn't even properly inflated yet, when you very excitedly started jumping around and playing in it.  I was so busy helping daddy that I didn't notice, at first, that the static caused by the castle was making your hair look so silly.
Not sure what was funnier - your hair or the fact that you were totally oblivious!
When I eventually did take notice, I could NOT stop laughing.  you were completely unperturbed by your snorting, cackling and guffawing mommy; and carried on as if nothing was out of place.  It was hysterical to say the least. 
Mommy HAD to grab her camera to take some pictures, naturally.  I did manage to take quite a few pics, but a lot of them turned out to be blurry because I just couldn't stop laughing.
Bad, bad mommy for laughing at her little girl!
Thanks for looking!