17 Mar 2014

This is the story of my name

Hello my reader!
Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!  Here in beautiful Cape Town, I am excited to say that Autumn is gradually starting to make its appearance!  By FAR my most favourite time of the year, as it's just so pretty!  The leaves still left on our trees are slowly but surely starting to get that tell-tale gold tinge on the edges and the mornings have a bit of a 'bite' to them.  Yay!
Today I decided to combine 2 challenges again; namely that of ScrapAfrica (use stitching and stars) and this weeks CSI challenge (which includes one of Em's glorious sketches).
So the stitching is framing the long edges of the oversized chevron and well, the stars are obvious! :-)
Scheme : check
Evidence : speech bubbles, circle and symbol
Testimony : I didn't get further than the first one - 'write about your name' - because I'm super proud of my name (journaling on the back) BECAUSE:
Mom has always been an Elvis fan - for as long as I can remember.  So much so, that in the beginning I couldn't stand him (shock, horror!) because it was all just overkill (movies, music, etc).  Her firstborn (my eldest brother) was born on 8 January - Elvis' birthday - so you can only imagine how much joy that brought  her.  Her second born (my middle brother) is and was as besotted with The King as she ... he has the moves and that sneer down pat!
SO it goes withouth saying that her youngest - and only daughter - had to fit into that Elvis mould in some way.  Hence my name - Lisa-Marie!  I must be honest, I hated it for YEARS!!  As a rebellious teen at age 14, I even considered changing it at some stage.
All that changed, however, when in August of 1991 I watched an Elvis doccie documenting his life and death; at the end, when they showed all the white hearses, I sobbed and sobbed.  Needless to say, I became a convert there and then.
And now?  I LOVE my name and take GREAT PRIDE in telling people its origin.  Sometimes when I meet someone who is slightly older, they ask if I am named after Lisa Marie Presley; I beam and nod ecstatically, like a fool! 
I love my Elvis!  Long live the King!!
Here are some images:
For the oversized chevron, I decided to cut the shape out of black cardstock (as opposed to cutting out the paper or masking, etc) - I really just wanted to do something different.
This photograph was taken when I was about 5 years old.  There are 3 in this 'range' and I know that they are my mom's favourite.  I actually still remember her having taken these; it was early morning and I was on my way to playschool.  I even remember that hat and the texture of that coat.
I wanted to create a lot of layering - it is one of my favourite 'looks', I think.
The title
Thank so much for popping in to take a look!


  1. Well aren't you just the cutest little thing around... I LOVED the story... my aunt was mad about Elvis and even went so far as to marry a man who looked like him (not) a real wannabe.... I loved his story and his music and I have seen a few movies, doccies on him and cried in all of them... such a tragic story and one that could have been so different if people were not so concerned about money. I absolutely love the layout you have created for this one too...and the story of your name even more. Fave for me.
    Thanks so much for playing along with us at Scrap Africa.

  2. My dad was an Elvis fan and as a child I remember us being forced to watch each and every movie of Elvis. Your layout is way cool. I love that you could let it work for two challenge. Well done on that and I love all the layering.

  3. Such a lovely story and one in which i can relate to in a way. I often get asked were my parents Michael Jackson fans, the king of Pop lol. But i have grown to love my name too. TFS with us at Scrap Africa!

  4. What a great story and great crisp clean layout!! So glad you joined us at Scrap Africa!!

  5. A beautiful story about your name and your love of it now. Such a cute photo. Thanks for playing along at Scrap Africa :)

  6. Cute photo and very interesting LO!
    Thanks for joining us at Scrap Africa!

  7. LOL...this is a fabulous layout Lisa-Marie (Presley) and so loved the story about your name! Your layout is just gorgeous and I love the slighly retro feel! Sweet, sweet photo too! This is certainly a favourite for me! Thanks so much for playing along with Scrap Africa! ;-)

  8. So, so cute!! Love your speech bubbles! Thanks for joining us at Scrap Africa!

  9. Oh I so love your story telling as well Lisa-Marie...and yes, that is just the cutest photo!!! Fabulous layers and great take on the challenges..thank you for using Scrap Africa's challenge as well!

  10. Excellent story, love it! i love the layers you put behind the picture. TFS at Scrap africa.

  11. LOVE your layout (and your name)! Great colours, amazing story and very eye-catching. Thank you for playing along at Scrap Africa. :)

  12. Beautiful layout! Thank you for taking part in the Scrap Africa challenge:-D