24 Mar 2014

Believe in Your Dreams

Hi readers!
I have hit the ground running.  I have some deadlines to meet and I'm starting to get nervous that I won't make them!  I also have to make some goodies for my Aunts' 60th birthday party AND heaven forbid I should not find the time to make everything for Isabella's 4th birthday either.  With us all having been sick last week, it has NOT helped the cause!  And this week and next I will lose out on one day each side, as we are going away ... AGAIN.
I have not checked my emails - nor do I want to at this stage!  Eek!  Family has been my priority and now some other things - which I will get into a little later ;-)
Anyway.  So I am marching on ahead. First up this week, is the latest challenge at CSI.  And sheepers, is it incredible.  One of my favourites so far - both the palette and that charming little picture!
This is what I came up with today (I'm furious that the glossy accents turned my chippie title so orange!!!!)
Scheme : Check
Evidence : hearts, grid/mesh, bird, flowers, mixed media background
Testimony : I used the IW imagine and my journaling is printed up and pasted on the back
It is common knowledge by now that I always dreamed of being a mommy.  What isn't common knowledge is a lot of the tinier dreams incorporated with the biggest dream of all.  One of them concerns ballet.  I did ballet for many years; from age 8 to 19.  I still get goosebumps when I see ballet and it will always, always be the one thing that I will always love and never grow tired of.  I knew that when I had a daughter, I'd love for her to dance too.  So when the opportunity came for you to start ballet classes, I naturally jumped (pranced?).  How very pleased was I when you HAPPILY agreed that you definitely wanted to do ballet.  So off we went to our local ballet supply shop.  I was emotional from the minute we walked in until the minute we left (with you fully kitted in your ballet garb).  Seeing you having a tiny, pink, gorgeously soft, leather-scented pair of ballet shoes fitted, was better then I could EVER imagine.  It WAS a dream come true.  It WAS fantastic and as long as I live, I will never, ever forget it.
As I mentioned, my title is a chippie, which I inked and then rubbed some Gelato's over the top, before applying glossy accents (you'd think that by now I'd know better, as this is the SECOND time that Glossy Accents has altered the colour of my work!  Grrr...)
Today I showed Mixed Media who's boss!  LOL!!  For the background I used watered down Gelato's, watered down Distress Ink, Gesso and stamps using Distress Ink.
I sprinkled a tiny bit of embossing powder onto the central gesso'ed circles, just to give it a little more texture.  Flowers were fussy cut and I really abused the paper I used for layering; I distressed the edges and then scrunched them up, before chalking the edges and also rubbing the chalk gently along the top of the paper so that the creases would 'catch' the chalk.
I love love LOVE layering and really wanted to achieve that with this LO.  I think I managed to do just that!
I used a strip of Rhino Tape as a mask, to create the smaller squares, and then I went around a few of them with a fine liner.
I fussy cut the flowers and the bird from some old, old stash (Prima, as I recall?).
Thanks for stopping by! :-)


  1. I can see just how much fun you had getting your hands dirty. I love the arty finish you achieved. As always your journaling is the cherry on top for me. xxx

  2. Love this layout and I love the story even more... I hope your little girl loves her dancing..... <3

  3. Your layout is absolutely gorgeous!! LOVE the layering, design and all your added touches!!!