24 Mar 2014

Believe in Your Dreams

Hi readers!
I have hit the ground running.  I have some deadlines to meet and I'm starting to get nervous that I won't make them!  I also have to make some goodies for my Aunts' 60th birthday party AND heaven forbid I should not find the time to make everything for Isabella's 4th birthday either.  With us all having been sick last week, it has NOT helped the cause!  And this week and next I will lose out on one day each side, as we are going away ... AGAIN.
I have not checked my emails - nor do I want to at this stage!  Eek!  Family has been my priority and now some other things - which I will get into a little later ;-)
Anyway.  So I am marching on ahead. First up this week, is the latest challenge at CSI.  And sheepers, is it incredible.  One of my favourites so far - both the palette and that charming little picture!
This is what I came up with today (I'm furious that the glossy accents turned my chippie title so orange!!!!)
Scheme : Check
Evidence : hearts, grid/mesh, bird, flowers, mixed media background
Testimony : I used the IW imagine and my journaling is printed up and pasted on the back
It is common knowledge by now that I always dreamed of being a mommy.  What isn't common knowledge is a lot of the tinier dreams incorporated with the biggest dream of all.  One of them concerns ballet.  I did ballet for many years; from age 8 to 19.  I still get goosebumps when I see ballet and it will always, always be the one thing that I will always love and never grow tired of.  I knew that when I had a daughter, I'd love for her to dance too.  So when the opportunity came for you to start ballet classes, I naturally jumped (pranced?).  How very pleased was I when you HAPPILY agreed that you definitely wanted to do ballet.  So off we went to our local ballet supply shop.  I was emotional from the minute we walked in until the minute we left (with you fully kitted in your ballet garb).  Seeing you having a tiny, pink, gorgeously soft, leather-scented pair of ballet shoes fitted, was better then I could EVER imagine.  It WAS a dream come true.  It WAS fantastic and as long as I live, I will never, ever forget it.
As I mentioned, my title is a chippie, which I inked and then rubbed some Gelato's over the top, before applying glossy accents (you'd think that by now I'd know better, as this is the SECOND time that Glossy Accents has altered the colour of my work!  Grrr...)
Today I showed Mixed Media who's boss!  LOL!!  For the background I used watered down Gelato's, watered down Distress Ink, Gesso and stamps using Distress Ink.
I sprinkled a tiny bit of embossing powder onto the central gesso'ed circles, just to give it a little more texture.  Flowers were fussy cut and I really abused the paper I used for layering; I distressed the edges and then scrunched them up, before chalking the edges and also rubbing the chalk gently along the top of the paper so that the creases would 'catch' the chalk.
I love love LOVE layering and really wanted to achieve that with this LO.  I think I managed to do just that!
I used a strip of Rhino Tape as a mask, to create the smaller squares, and then I went around a few of them with a fine liner.
I fussy cut the flowers and the bird from some old, old stash (Prima, as I recall?).
Thanks for stopping by! :-)

18 Mar 2014

Her Rainbow Dress


Oh man!  I LOVE being retired and just being able to scrap E.V.E.R.Y. D.A.Y!

Here is the CSI challenge where they are joining forces with Archi-Scraps!  The first one!

More colours TOTALLY out of my comfort zone, so it took a fair amount of procrastinating on my part with how I was going to tackle it!  And here is what I came up with today:
Scheme : Check
Evidence : Stripes, paint, clouds
Testimony : IW's colour and walk
My journaling is in the form of a poem:
Her rainbow dress, so pretty and so bright
Her rainbow dress pops with colour in the light
Her rainbow dress, it flounces as she walks
Her rainbow dress, imagine if it could talk!
Her rainbow dress, a clear favourite, don'tcha know
Her rainbow dress, it really puts on quite a show
Her rainbow dress - such pure delight!
Her rainbow dress, the pair of them - WHAT a sight!
And here are some close-ups.  The yellow on the background is a combo of Distress paint (& masking) and gelato's.

17 Mar 2014

This is the story of my name

Hello my reader!
Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!  Here in beautiful Cape Town, I am excited to say that Autumn is gradually starting to make its appearance!  By FAR my most favourite time of the year, as it's just so pretty!  The leaves still left on our trees are slowly but surely starting to get that tell-tale gold tinge on the edges and the mornings have a bit of a 'bite' to them.  Yay!
Today I decided to combine 2 challenges again; namely that of ScrapAfrica (use stitching and stars) and this weeks CSI challenge (which includes one of Em's glorious sketches).
So the stitching is framing the long edges of the oversized chevron and well, the stars are obvious! :-)
Scheme : check
Evidence : speech bubbles, circle and symbol
Testimony : I didn't get further than the first one - 'write about your name' - because I'm super proud of my name (journaling on the back) BECAUSE:
Mom has always been an Elvis fan - for as long as I can remember.  So much so, that in the beginning I couldn't stand him (shock, horror!) because it was all just overkill (movies, music, etc).  Her firstborn (my eldest brother) was born on 8 January - Elvis' birthday - so you can only imagine how much joy that brought  her.  Her second born (my middle brother) is and was as besotted with The King as she ... he has the moves and that sneer down pat!
SO it goes withouth saying that her youngest - and only daughter - had to fit into that Elvis mould in some way.  Hence my name - Lisa-Marie!  I must be honest, I hated it for YEARS!!  As a rebellious teen at age 14, I even considered changing it at some stage.
All that changed, however, when in August of 1991 I watched an Elvis doccie documenting his life and death; at the end, when they showed all the white hearses, I sobbed and sobbed.  Needless to say, I became a convert there and then.
And now?  I LOVE my name and take GREAT PRIDE in telling people its origin.  Sometimes when I meet someone who is slightly older, they ask if I am named after Lisa Marie Presley; I beam and nod ecstatically, like a fool! 
I love my Elvis!  Long live the King!!
Here are some images:
For the oversized chevron, I decided to cut the shape out of black cardstock (as opposed to cutting out the paper or masking, etc) - I really just wanted to do something different.
This photograph was taken when I was about 5 years old.  There are 3 in this 'range' and I know that they are my mom's favourite.  I actually still remember her having taken these; it was early morning and I was on my way to playschool.  I even remember that hat and the texture of that coat.
I wanted to create a lot of layering - it is one of my favourite 'looks', I think.
The title
Thank so much for popping in to take a look!

14 Mar 2014

Our Light

Seeing as how I am now at home, "retired", AND seeing as how I want my primary focus going forward to be scrapping, I have decided to start taking part in a few more challenges. 
I've noticed a few ladies taking part in one called "Black with Two".  It is an interesting concept, actually - so I thought I'd give it a bash this month.
I knew pretty much straight away which of my recent photographs to use; and so this is what I worked on yesterday:
My journaling is written around the edges of the LO, creating a 'frame'.  It reads:
everywhere we go - anything we do - you somehow manage to bring ray upon ray of sunshine with you.  you have managed to touch so many lives already and in such a short time! may you continue to light up the lives of those you meet and be a light in the lives of those you have yet to encounter. may your light and your love know no bounds. and may you be eternally blessed - as blessed as we are to have you in our lives.
Here are some close-ups!

13 Mar 2014

Captured Memories

Another BEAUTIFUL case this week at CSI - gosh the colours are sublime! :-)
This week I decided to also take part in the sketch challenge over at Scrapfriends:
And here is what I did:
Scheme : all colours were used
Evidence : Camera, Stars, Butterflies, Scallops, Envelope, Pen Work
Testimony : I used the inspo words love, memory and family; my journaling is tucked inside the envelope:
I have fond memories of family weekend-away trips as a youngster and I must admit that I love the fact that we are creating those same memories for you.  This weekend past, we went with daddy on a business trip and visited Jeffrey's Bay, Coffee Bay and Plettenberg Bay.  We were on the road a lot - travelling for a  total of four days in the car - and approximately 7 hours on each of those days.  You were a SUPERSTAR!
Mommy and daddy have been to Coffee Bay before and we knew that you'd love it - we were not wrong!  You had the best time playing on the swings and the beach - and you even made some new friends (humans AND dogs!).  The only two downers was that on Day 1 in Coffee Bay, a Blue Bottle managed to wrap itself around you ankle, giving you a NASTY sting :-(.  And on Day 3 in Coffee Bay it was really, really rainy!  We were stuck in our room for hours!!! 
I do hope that your memories of this weekend will carry through and that one day you will take your own little family to Coffee Bay to regale stories of what you did there.
Here are some close-ups of this REALLY textured piece (which I LOOOOVED doing!):
The title is a chippie, which I inked with charcoal and white and then covered with glossy accents.
Gelato's were mixed with colours for this background and then I applied texture paste through a mask.  The film strip is also a chippie, also inked with charcoal and white - and then I applied a few dots of UTEE to give it a 'dew drop' effect.
Thanks so much for coming to take a look! Have a marvellous day!

4 Mar 2014

Paradise Found

Before the latest CSI challenge was officially released - I had fallen in love with the sneak peak image.  It's delicious!  Utterly sublime!
I knew in my head almost within minutes of its release, what I wanted to do and what I wanted my LO design to be - but I had to ignore my plans, as there are 2 LO's already submitted that look similar to what I had in my head.
So I decided to mix this challenge with the latest one over at ScrapAfrica.  It has been AGES since I have taken part in one of theirs!!!  Here is the sketch, designed by the unbelievably beautiful Evgenia.
And here is what I put together today.
Scheme - all there
Evidence - wood, frames, flowers, create panels
Testimony - I journalled about our recent trip to Mauritius (on back of LO)
Having been to Mauritius before, mommy and daddy just knew that it would be THE most perfect (close) holiday for you.  And we were definitely not wrong!
Our days consisted of very, very early wakings (we were always first to breakfast and first in the pool), loooooooong swims in the pool or the ocean and in the afternoon, you'd be so pooped from all the sun and the heat, that we'd end up having a lazy 'power nap' in our gloriously air conditioned rooms.
Coming evening, you'd go off to play in the "Kitties Club" (so called by you - actually called Kiddies Club), while mommy and daddy had some adult time out at the decadent restaurants.  Your baby sitter was besotted with you and would take you to the room each evening to get you settled in before mommy and daddy finished up.
You enjoyed this week long break so much, that you have asked us on numerous occasions if you can PLEASE go back. 
Soon my baby girl.  Soon.  Promise.  But first, a trip to Disney next year ....
Here are some close-ups:
Thanks for popping in to take a look!