21 Feb 2014

Our Own Stylista

Another week, another new challenge over at CSI.  LOVING this scheme - totally! 
Included also with this challenge is another of Em's delicious sketches.  I'd have to say that this challenge has been one of my faves to have taken part in so far.  Every aspect thereof!
So, this is what I rustled up in my messy craft room this morning (after I managed to find a space to sit!).
Scheme : the colours are all there
Evidence : crown, flowers, pearls, ribbon / bow, solid background and jewels
Testimony : I chose the words style and hope from the IW's
Journaling (which is scribbled on the back):
My darling Bluebird.  What a character you are in every way.  Most especially when it comes to your own personal style and way of dressing.  I am somewhat convinced that you have a smidgen of OCD about you - as everything (and I do mean EVERYTHING) must absolutely match - right down to your brooks!  I dare not offer you a light pink pair of brooks if you are wearing dark pink!  Heaven forbid.  I love your style!  I love how you go shopping in your Cinderella dress and accessories.  I love to encourage that about you as I know it speaks volumes of your personality.  I hope that I can make this delightful phase last for as long as possible.  I am having so much fun experiencing this side of you!
And here are some closies:
The background paper is actually embossed; I sanded some areas before misting and stamping - you can actually see where the inks and mists look darker on the areas that are sanded vs. the areas that are not. 
The crown is a chippie and I really didn't do too much too it.  Just inked it with white, beige and black; then I did some embossing before finally finishing it off with pearls and some swipes of Glossy Accents.
I adore this set of shots.  I knew I wanted to use them, so I decided to change them to black and white to suit the colour scheme better.  Yes, I AM one of THOSE scrappers who like to match the picture up to the colour scheme! :-)
Thanks so much for popping by and leaving me your comments / feedback!

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  1. I am pretty sure she was dressed in pink on the photos. Gorgeous page my darling friend.