13 Feb 2014

Face Painting

It has been a LONG while!!  Both to scrapping and to blogging.
December saw Isabella on holiday from the very beginning of the month, as well as our stint in Mauritius.  With her being at home with us, there was no way I'd find a gap to scrap - not even 30 minutes.
January was a mad rush, as it was my last month of working (for good!) - I had to prepare a multitude of 'things' for the new girl.  Isabella was also still on holiday for the most part and ... well, time just was not my friend that month.  AND towards the end of Jan, we had another robbery at our home, while we were here - which threw a spanner in the works and set me back (mentally and emotionally) quite a bit.
So here we are, mid-Feb.  January alone seems as if it was a whole year.  SO much poo to start off the year.  No matter, my chin is still held high as I embrace all the changes in our circumstances!  All for the BETTER, of course.
So on to my first piece of scrappy happiness for 2014.  And a CSI challenge it is!
So no pink for me!  How lovely to always break out of ones' comfort zone!
Here's what I threw together today.  Please excuse the quality of this image - I took it with my mobile phone, as both my camera's were stolen (the third is a bit archaic and I feel my mobile takes a slightly better shot).
Evidence : silver accents, stack something, use heat
Testimony : I used the words life and simple from the IW
My journaling is scribbled on the back:
On of the greatest wonders I have found, in raising a small person, is that pleasure, entertainment and we can be found in the smallest, simplest things.  Like face painting - of course! Definitely one of your MOST favourite things in your little life!  On this day, I watched in silence as you watch yourself - for a good 10 minutes, mind!  Not sure who was more fascinated - you or I! :-) :-)
I have no further pics, so will just tell you a little about what I did.
I embossed with clear on the background, using a mask.  Then I sprayed mist over it so that the embossing stood out a bit.  I stacked a lot of the pieces - there is a lot of dimension to this piece.
Thanks for looking - hopefully next time I will have finally got a new camera so that I have some more decent shots to share with you!


  1. Scrapping is the best therapy. So happy that you found time to create. Such a lovely bright page. I love your background work.

  2. I love this, I've been trying to experiment more with mixed media and layering but am not very successful. I don't like the pearlised mists that I bought and am now put off trying others. What mists do you use? I found my paper warped and the mist didn't even notice much. This is a wonderful fun, colourful layout, thanks for inspiring!