28 Feb 2014

An Oumie's Love Is Priceless

By the skin of my teeth, I have made it in time to take part in the CSI / Scrap 365 Challenge!  I HAD to - just LOOK at this decadent palette!!
Here is what I worked on for much of yesterday.  (Again, please excuse the quality of this image.  I briefly borrowed mom's camera, but had to return it before I had a chance to take pics of this LO).
All the colours were used
Evidence : Flowers, metal, decorative border, rub on, ribbon, stamps
Testimony : I chose to use the word love in the IW
My journaling is handwritten on the back and reads:
It is easy to lose sight of others when you are in the midst of a sad life event.  My infertility was a war I raged in private - choosing to not share my feelings or discuss any aspect of it with others.  My family knew and respected this - and so, never raised the topic with me.
Whilst in the throes of my sadness, it never occurred to me that my parents were sad alongside me.  Granted, they had other grandchildren - but they wanted the dreams of ALL their children to become reality.  They wanted ALL their children to be happy.
Cue the arrival of Isabella into ALL our lives - and just WOW!  How do you find words?  The pure, raw love and tremendous healing that one little being can bring into SO many lives is just ... crazy to comprehend.
The love-bond between Oumie and Isabella is just so beautiful and so special to witness.  Mom tells her ALL THE TIME how loved and how special she is.
It is just .. magnificent.
I don't have any closies, unfortunately.
For the background, I first used some texture paste, but it wasn't white enough for my liking, so I misted with Mister Huey white over the top. Then I outlined some of the lines and I also used a script stamp randomly on the background.
Thanks for coming to see!!!


  1. I have found your blog again and have subscribed so that I get a notification when you post. I love your layouts and hate to miss them. This is truly beautiful and your heartfelt journalling hits home every time. This is the bond that I want with my babies. So special Lisa-Marie... I love it. xx

  2. I really wanted to participate in this challenge but somehow time ran away with me. so glad you found the time to share this beautiful layout. I love the softness, the colour palette was devine and the photo is just so special. Thank you