7 Dec 2013

Baby's First Christmas

I am SO excited to announce that I have been asked to be a Special Investigator over at CSI for the month of December! SUCH a huge thrill and a huge honour for me!  Yay!

I managed to get my projects done in advance, because I am on leave currently with Isabella, and I don't foresee much time for scrapping over the next few weeks.  Am very, very sad about that.  But, perhaps the 'sabbatical' from scrapping will be a good thing, as I will be able to apply my fresh mind when I restart next year!

So, here is the first challenge of December 2013:

And here is my piece, called 'Baby's First Christmas'

Scheme : all the colours are there
Evidence : silver accent, ribbon, circles, Christmas accents
Testimony : I used the inspo words 'family and ready'
Here you are, our Isabella, celebrating your very first Christmas with us.  How wonderful to finally get to celebrate Christmas as our very own little family unit.  You may not understand what all the fuss on the day was about - or what the big, sparkly tree (that captured your undivided attention!) was all about, but it meant the WORLD to us to finally be able to share such a lovely, special and family oriented occasion with you.  We are MORE than ready to share more and more and more with you and look forward to each year, especially as you begin to understand it more.
I'm rushing off now, as that little girl in the picture is calling for me!  (Also, our internet connection at home has been HORRENDOUS and I'm 'lucky' to have had the opportunity to post this!!)


  1. Congratulations on being guest designer Lisa-Marie. Your page is beautiful and so is your words to your Isabella.