7 Nov 2013

You Are My Sunshine

This week's challenge at CSI is bold, punchy and as delicious as always.  This was a really lovely colour combo to work with!
Aaaaand it is my Gelato's debut!  If you are somewhat of a Gelato's fundi - please forgive me!  I realise that I have a loooong way to go.  Having said that, I did manage to achieve the look I was going for!!
And so this is what I worked on for about 2.5 hours this morning.
Scheme : All colours
Evidence : mesh, frame, flowers, rhinestones
Testimony : I used one of the one-minute writer prompts, namely "Sunshine"
Journaling (pasted on the back):
One of the moments I look forward to MOST is picking you up at school.  Nothing brightens my day more than seeing this very smile.  I usually sneak in and the teachers know by now to keep quiet about my presence; as I observe and I WAIT for you to see me.  And when you do, we are both beaming from ear to ear with the silliest, cheesiest grins.  It’s at times like this that I go through the WHOOOLE thought process where I stilll can’t believe you’re mine; that I am the one who gets to take you home.  And when you clap eyes on me, you say “my mommy” under your breath…  Such a brief few seconds makes such a tremendous change to my day.  It makes NO difference what has happened at work, what stresses I have resting on my shoulders – seeing your face light up when you see ME makes everything right in the world.  Nothing else matters.  No one else matters.  The people and stresses who have got me down during the day are insignificant compared with your presence in my life.  I carry your little smile with me and it fixes everything.  My precious ray of light.
I have taken to pasting my journaling to the back of my LO's more often, as I tend to plan as I go and at the end, don't always have place for it!  Chop! :-)
So, here are some close-ups.
I drew a 'sun' with Gelato's and blended with my finger.  Then I randomly coloured a woodgrain stamp with the red Gelato, misted with water and then lightly (and very roughly) stamped along the rays.  Then I gave it all a very, very light spritz of Mister Huey's gold to give a sparkly appearance, before finishing off with texture paste and a mask.  The overall effect is gorgeous (if I do say so myself) and these pictures don't pick up on that!
The mesh is actually from a large piece of non-slip matting that I found.  I have used it before for masking too and it works pretty well for that purpose.  I just need to figure out where I got it..........!


  1. This is gorgeous and you are allowed to say that. How your love for your bluebird shines through your journalling. You were made to be together. I have purchased the full set of Gelatos and have been to chicken to give it a go...maybe this weekend.

  2. Fabulous, Lisa-Marie! Welcome to the wonderful world of gelatos!!