22 Nov 2013

Time that is not spent loving is wasted...

Well I just LOVED the latest challenge at CSI.  The colours are sublime!
And this is what I did today:
Scheme : All colours
Evidence : stripes, polka dots, clock, ribbon
Testimony : I chose a BlogHer prompt - how old were you the first time you fell in love?
I could tell you about the 2 serious relationships I've had before I met Travers.  I could tell you about the massive crush when I was just 15.  I could tell you that with each of those 3, I was in love.  I probably was.... but they do NOT come close to the love that I have for and share with Travers. 
We met in 1995 when I was 19 and he was 26.  I was fresh out of a serious relationship and not looking to fall in love.
Too late... 2 months into my relationship with Travers, I was head over heels.  That makes me 20 when I first fell in love.
This love is different.  This love is real.  This love is complete.  This love has kicked some serious butt over the past 18 years.  This is a love that will last.
Travers is my BEST friend.  He is my heart and he is my soul.  He is part of my reason for living.  I could NEVER have imagined loving like this.  NEVER.  This love is so much bigger than I ever thought possible.
After 18 years, I can honestly say that I often fall in love with him all over again.  And that is the best feeling on Earth.
Here's to another 18.  And another.  And another.  And another...
Here are some more shots.
I have been watching a lot of work by Finnabair on Youtube and have taken inspiration from her work for this piece.  I do feel myself holding back somewhat on my scrapping pieces - I really need to just let loose on a canvas....!!
The chippie clock has been painted with plummy pink, then treated with Crackle Glaze and a final coat of white was put on top. 
Really love this look that Finnabair has mastered; I think I am going to work on doing more of this in future.

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  1. Gosh Lisa-Marie your page is gorgeous. I love the new techniques you are experimenting with. Even more than that I love your words. I know that kind of love. I met Kobus when I was only 17 and in matric. He was my first steady boyfriend. In March we will be married 35 years...and my love for him has grown so much over the years. He is also my best friend and my safe place.