18 Oct 2013

The Princess

So CSI are running a once-monthly challenge alongside Scrap365 magazine.  I must say, that the colour scheme for this months' one is DIVINE!!  As is the image - I just don't know where Debbi finds them.  They are sublime.....
Anyway, here's what it looks like this month:
I grabbed a sketch from ScrapAfrica (fully intending to take part in the sketch challenge, but time on Monday was just not my friend!)
And this is what I did.

Scheme : you'll see all the colours there
Evidence : I created a bit of a spiral with the string of pearls, hearts and needlework
Testimony : I went with "Once upon a time...."
Journaling (tucked behind the photo mat):
Once upon a time, in the land of the Table Mountain and deep in the town of Claremont, a perfect little girl was born.
And on that day, the World became richer, the flowers bloomed more boldly and the sun and moon shone brighter.
Unbeknownst to her, this little girl carried with her a magic spell.  A spell that would make 2 people’s dreams finally come true; a spell that rivalled no other - for this little girl would change lives.
As the little girl grew, her magic spell blossomed and was cast out to all those who came into contact with her; making people smile and laugh; bringing love and happiness.
As the little girl continues to grow, her magic spell will only become stronger.  She will continue to love, laugh and bring joy to those around her.
For now, we live in the knowledge that she WILL live and be LOVED, happily, ever after.

Here are some close-ups

This is officially my most favourite photo of my Isabella.  She is wearing one of her (too?) many princess dresses and dancing, twirling and curtseying...  JUST like a real princess!
I wanted to create a fairy tale feel with my LO, and I think I did manage to achieve some softness and femininity with it.

Thanks for coming to take a look!

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  1. Lovely take on the Scrap Africa sketch....gorgeous layout. I didn't stop while I was ahead with my layout...and now want to rip it up and start over.