4 Oct 2013

Story Time

The latest case over at CSI is all kinds of yummy!! 
I decided to use a sketch for this challenge, so I grabbed one over at ScrapFriends.
I started my project on Monday and then left it to dry, so only managed to finish it off yesterday.  The theme I went with was story time with Isabella (something I enjoy daily) and it made me chuckle when the next CSI Scrap 365 Challenge came out - because it was all about books and reading.  No matter - I have something else up my sleeve for that one (excited much?!).
So, here is what I worked on for this case:

Scheme : all colours
Evidence : leaves, wet mediums, stripes, metal accents, something iridescent, tearing
Testimony : something I do daily - namely read to Isabella before bedtime
My Journaling (behind the photo - I created a folded section with the cardboard):
From the time mommy was very little, I enjoyed reading.  I could read before I got to school and literally have NOT stopped since!
So it came as no surprise that part of what I looked forward to most when becoming a mommy, was to read to you.
Before you were even born, I started collecting a secret stash of childrens' books as part of my baby trousseaux! I have a beautiful antique Wind in the Willows, which is safely tucked away for when you are big enough for me to read it to you.
Every single day, after your bath, I ask you what you'd like to read at bedtime.  You go to your bookshelf and usually end up selecting around ten books (I kid you not!).
I cant' tell you what your current favourite is, because there are so many.  But, like any little girl, you do love fairy tales and you do love Julia Donaldson (particularly Room on the Broom and Charlie Cook's Favourite Book).
You are so amazing - you recently started to recite the words with me and it gave me goosebumps!  I regularly underestimate you....
So at night, we read up to 7 stories or books before you go to sleep.  And you know what?  I don't care how long it takes to get through that many stories - because it is SUCH a special time ... just you and I.  And I will cherish those times with you always; because I know that all too soon, those times will pass and you will be reading yourself to sleep in no time at all!

I had a HUGE amount of fun doing this - my fingers were all colours of the challenge! :-D
The background paper is watercolour paper and I missed it with Lindy's Stamp Gang and Mistery Huey.  I also used gesso to make a masked background, but I ended up covering the bulk of it... 
The folded card that the photograph is sitting on has been coated with gesso as well.

The lettering is Tim Holtz Grunge board (oh, that addictive smell!!!) and I merely used some liquid pearls on it and then a marker to outline the edges slightly.  The 2 leaves to the right of 'story' are metal.

I REALLY enjoyed doing this background!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Your layout is beautiful and you have such a gift in telling the story. I am sure you are going to knock this challenge out of the ballpark again.

  2. Love your layout - beautiful. The background is gorgeous and all your added touches make it that much nicer!