21 Oct 2013

It's A Dog's Life

What an adorable challenge at CSI this week!  And a great set of colours to boot!

Because I aaaaalways seem to scrap about Isabella, I decided to go on a different route this week and scrapped about our rugrat Picasso.  He is a rescue dog and although he's a terror at times, I am completely in love with him!

He's had a rough start to life - he was found as a puppy, in a township, riddled with mange and being stoned by a bunch of children.  He was kept at the Animal Rescue Organisation for 2 months before he was in an acceptable state to be adopted.  Cue us and a monthly ARO newsletter, which told his story.  I cried for him and wanted him in my life.  1 week later, he was at home with us.  He and Isabella are completely inseparable; mates for life.

Here is the LO I did this morning.

Scheme : All colours
Evidence : Black background, something crinkled and woodgrain
Testimony : I decided to journal on his behalf!!  (stuck on the back of this page)
Humans!  Who can understand them! They struggle to understand themselves and each other, so what hope do I have??
Take for example how ticked off they get at me when I play with the toys they leave lying around for me.... 2 watering cans, a hose-pipe, a running shoe, the baby monitor.  I don't get it. I just don't get it.  Why leave it out for me to play with and then shout at me??
And what's the deal with the pool net?  I chew it because it's there for me.  You fix it.  I chew it again .. You fix it again, yet when I chew it a third time, you remove it completely?  What did I do to deserve that?
At least you got the message when I removed the Creepy Crawly from the pool a fourth time and totally demolished it.  I mean really you guys, that thing was dangerous and out to get us all!  I HAD to kill it.
The thing that gets me most is how come the adult female human gets to kiss the mini female human over and over - face, arms, hands, toes.  But when I try to do it I get shouted at.  What is UP with that??
It's true what they say - it IS a Dog's Life!
Here is one close-up shot.

I love this dog!  Naughtiness and mischeviousness aside, he's a precious gem!
Thanks for popping in!


  1. Aww I love him too! This is awesome Lisa-Marie!

  2. I totally get his point of view!!!! Fantastic page!

  3. You are one amazing lady and I am so grateful to 'know' you. What a lucky rugrat to have chosen you to be his saving grace. A family that understands him and loves him nothwithstanding. We are so going to meet for real when I next come to CT. I love this layout so much. xox