21 Oct 2013

It's A Dog's Life

What an adorable challenge at CSI this week!  And a great set of colours to boot!

Because I aaaaalways seem to scrap about Isabella, I decided to go on a different route this week and scrapped about our rugrat Picasso.  He is a rescue dog and although he's a terror at times, I am completely in love with him!

He's had a rough start to life - he was found as a puppy, in a township, riddled with mange and being stoned by a bunch of children.  He was kept at the Animal Rescue Organisation for 2 months before he was in an acceptable state to be adopted.  Cue us and a monthly ARO newsletter, which told his story.  I cried for him and wanted him in my life.  1 week later, he was at home with us.  He and Isabella are completely inseparable; mates for life.

Here is the LO I did this morning.

Scheme : All colours
Evidence : Black background, something crinkled and woodgrain
Testimony : I decided to journal on his behalf!!  (stuck on the back of this page)
Humans!  Who can understand them! They struggle to understand themselves and each other, so what hope do I have??
Take for example how ticked off they get at me when I play with the toys they leave lying around for me.... 2 watering cans, a hose-pipe, a running shoe, the baby monitor.  I don't get it. I just don't get it.  Why leave it out for me to play with and then shout at me??
And what's the deal with the pool net?  I chew it because it's there for me.  You fix it.  I chew it again .. You fix it again, yet when I chew it a third time, you remove it completely?  What did I do to deserve that?
At least you got the message when I removed the Creepy Crawly from the pool a fourth time and totally demolished it.  I mean really you guys, that thing was dangerous and out to get us all!  I HAD to kill it.
The thing that gets me most is how come the adult female human gets to kiss the mini female human over and over - face, arms, hands, toes.  But when I try to do it I get shouted at.  What is UP with that??
It's true what they say - it IS a Dog's Life!
Here is one close-up shot.

I love this dog!  Naughtiness and mischeviousness aside, he's a precious gem!
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18 Oct 2013

The Princess

So CSI are running a once-monthly challenge alongside Scrap365 magazine.  I must say, that the colour scheme for this months' one is DIVINE!!  As is the image - I just don't know where Debbi finds them.  They are sublime.....
Anyway, here's what it looks like this month:
I grabbed a sketch from ScrapAfrica (fully intending to take part in the sketch challenge, but time on Monday was just not my friend!)
And this is what I did.

Scheme : you'll see all the colours there
Evidence : I created a bit of a spiral with the string of pearls, hearts and needlework
Testimony : I went with "Once upon a time...."
Journaling (tucked behind the photo mat):
Once upon a time, in the land of the Table Mountain and deep in the town of Claremont, a perfect little girl was born.
And on that day, the World became richer, the flowers bloomed more boldly and the sun and moon shone brighter.
Unbeknownst to her, this little girl carried with her a magic spell.  A spell that would make 2 people’s dreams finally come true; a spell that rivalled no other - for this little girl would change lives.
As the little girl grew, her magic spell blossomed and was cast out to all those who came into contact with her; making people smile and laugh; bringing love and happiness.
As the little girl continues to grow, her magic spell will only become stronger.  She will continue to love, laugh and bring joy to those around her.
For now, we live in the knowledge that she WILL live and be LOVED, happily, ever after.

Here are some close-ups

This is officially my most favourite photo of my Isabella.  She is wearing one of her (too?) many princess dresses and dancing, twirling and curtseying...  JUST like a real princess!
I wanted to create a fairy tale feel with my LO, and I think I did manage to achieve some softness and femininity with it.

Thanks for coming to take a look!

My Doll House

What a lovely, bright challenge this week over at CSI!  AAAAND a rather scrumptious sketch too from the uber talented Em!!
And this is what I did today:
All the colours were used
Evidence : pinwheel, ribbon, mixed media background and tags
Testimony : I used one of the 'Be Daring' prompts and chose "my favourite childhood toy"
Journaling (tucked behind the photograph):
My Oupa was incredibly creative and so good with his hands.  One year, he decided to make each of his grand children something very special.  The boys got an army barrack and a garage; and the 2 girls each got this lovely dollhouse.
Being the girly-girl that I am, I spent hours playing with mine.  It brought me such joy.  It was mobile enough for me to carry it outside and pretend that my house was in the forest or on the "beach" (next to the pool).
How awesome is it now, that I get to pass it on to my Isabella?  Already, she loves it just as much as I did and thoroughly enjoys playing with it.  Needless to say, I LOVE playing right alongside her.
I love heirlooms and I love the fact that this one has started with me.
Here are some close-ups of my LO.
I FINALLY found my water colour pencils!!!  Travers has bought them for me for my 20th birthday and for the longest time I just couldn't find them.  So, using my pencils, I shaded the chevrons to give them some more depth (they have been adhered with foam tape).
The title has also been treated with my water colour pencils, after I sanded the shiny layer off.
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11 Oct 2013

Her Eyes

Sheesh .. almost didn't make this one! 
The latest challenge at CSI is gorgeous - pastel dreaminess, right up my alley!
Here is what I did with it:
Scheme : the colours are all there
Evidence : pearls, book pages, velvet, ribbon, handmade flowers
Testimony : Journal prompt - eyes
My Journaling:
I have always wondered what life must look like through the eyes of a child.  Recently, I sat myself down on the grass and watched a bunch of children play; it was both incredible and humbling to watch these little people without a care in the world.  Running, laughing and playing.  Their only concern, seemingly, was that there are not enough hours in the day to play and explore!
What is life like through your eyes, my Isabella?  How do you see things?  What is currently difficult for you?  What don’t you understand?  What DO you understand?
How amazing it must be to have the ability to see absolutely everything life has to offer anew; to see things with naivety and a different kind of beauty and wonder.  Or to see pleasure in the SIMPLEST of things.
You certainly have helped mommy and daddy re-look at so many things!  We have come to re-love and re-enjoy so many things because of you.  We love to discover new things and places with you. We love to see the wonder of new findings in your big, big eyes.  Every adult should have the opportunity to be able to see life through the eyes of a child, for it must be MAGICAL!
Here is a close-up of the flowers I made.  I swear everything looks so much darker than it really is ....

I kept this page clean; I knew from the start that, that is what I wanted to do with this piece.
On a Saturday mornings I get up as early as I can so that I can start planning the reveal.   I usually end up spending quite a lot of time pondering about my journaling - and only then will I select a photograph which matches my thought pattern.  Occasionally, it's the other way around (where I'll have a photo in mind and try to find a way to make it fit in with my journaling).  This weeks' challenge was a toughie for me to decide between 'Eyes' and 'I've Never' ... the latter of which I just LOVE. 
But, in the end, my Gorgeous Crazy Goose won again.
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4 Oct 2013

Story Time

The latest case over at CSI is all kinds of yummy!! 
I decided to use a sketch for this challenge, so I grabbed one over at ScrapFriends.
I started my project on Monday and then left it to dry, so only managed to finish it off yesterday.  The theme I went with was story time with Isabella (something I enjoy daily) and it made me chuckle when the next CSI Scrap 365 Challenge came out - because it was all about books and reading.  No matter - I have something else up my sleeve for that one (excited much?!).
So, here is what I worked on for this case:

Scheme : all colours
Evidence : leaves, wet mediums, stripes, metal accents, something iridescent, tearing
Testimony : something I do daily - namely read to Isabella before bedtime
My Journaling (behind the photo - I created a folded section with the cardboard):
From the time mommy was very little, I enjoyed reading.  I could read before I got to school and literally have NOT stopped since!
So it came as no surprise that part of what I looked forward to most when becoming a mommy, was to read to you.
Before you were even born, I started collecting a secret stash of childrens' books as part of my baby trousseaux! I have a beautiful antique Wind in the Willows, which is safely tucked away for when you are big enough for me to read it to you.
Every single day, after your bath, I ask you what you'd like to read at bedtime.  You go to your bookshelf and usually end up selecting around ten books (I kid you not!).
I cant' tell you what your current favourite is, because there are so many.  But, like any little girl, you do love fairy tales and you do love Julia Donaldson (particularly Room on the Broom and Charlie Cook's Favourite Book).
You are so amazing - you recently started to recite the words with me and it gave me goosebumps!  I regularly underestimate you....
So at night, we read up to 7 stories or books before you go to sleep.  And you know what?  I don't care how long it takes to get through that many stories - because it is SUCH a special time ... just you and I.  And I will cherish those times with you always; because I know that all too soon, those times will pass and you will be reading yourself to sleep in no time at all!

I had a HUGE amount of fun doing this - my fingers were all colours of the challenge! :-D
The background paper is watercolour paper and I missed it with Lindy's Stamp Gang and Mistery Huey.  I also used gesso to make a masked background, but I ended up covering the bulk of it... 
The folded card that the photograph is sitting on has been coated with gesso as well.

The lettering is Tim Holtz Grunge board (oh, that addictive smell!!!) and I merely used some liquid pearls on it and then a marker to outline the edges slightly.  The 2 leaves to the right of 'story' are metal.

I REALLY enjoyed doing this background!
Thanks for stopping by!