19 Sep 2013

The Tale of Basil

I decided to go with a different subject with this weeks' challenge at CSI; namely my most favourite cat - Basil (the) Pirate.  As our pets go, this little girl is my be-all and end-all.  She is horribly indulged and I am regularly accused by Travers that my nepotism shows no bounds. 


He didn't want another animal, but I worked hard for 3 weeks before he agreed that we could adopt another pet....

Here is the case - along with a gorgeous sketch, by Em.


Pretty, huh?

Here is how I cracked the case this week:

The Scheme : all the colours
Evidence : animal accents (paw print paper), polka dots, scallops, triangles
Testimony : I used an acrostic verse to spell out the words Basil Pirate

Journaling :
the story Behind my precious cat
begins with Alot of begging and pleading
sadly 'coz She was not wanted by travers --
because already In our home, we had 2 dogs + 3 cats
a fairly Largish menagerie!
I plotted and Planned to get my way
he relented - only If he could choose a name
naturally, I Ran with his plan
and jumped At the chance to have my cat
I did not Think the name would be odd:
basil pirate : Even though it's a SHE!
The title word 'basil' is chipboard lettering, which I misted with dazzles.  Then I very roughly applied some crackle glaze, dried it with the heat gun and then rubbed white chalk ink over the places where the chippie was not covered with the glaze.
The background was also sprayed with dazzles and I used a paper doily as a mask.
I have arranged my journaling so that 'Basil Pirate' appears vertically.

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