13 Sep 2013

Oh! The places you'll go ~ Dr Seuss

This weeks' CSI challenge brings with it quite an autumnal (fall) colour scheme.  My favourite time of year, but colour-wise, I battled!  I have this ridiculous mental block against orange (because it's a colour I cannot wear and usually avoid at all costs!).
I went backwards and forwards on the Testimony of this one too - I had 4 ideas in my head from the list, but I eventually settled and in the end, it all fell into place.
Here is what I did (new camera + new lens = better quality pics = happy me!)

Scheme : All colours
Evidence : floral pattern, clock, stars, used pencil, book page
Testimony : I chose a book by Dr Seuss and I also journaled a book that I made
My Journaling :
You have brains in your head.  You have feet in your shoes.  You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.  You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go! ~ Dr Seuss
My Isabella!  As you growing, your little character is coming more and more to the fore.
You are funny, you are witty, you are astute and you are SO smart!
It is any parents’ wish for their child to grow and flourish within themselves; and mommy and daddy are no exception to that rule.
You are social, outgoing, friendly and polite. These very traits, we know, will take you far and endear you to many.
I have no doubt that with your gentle and sensitive personality, you will have a stack of friends, who will mean the absolute World to you.
I have a feeling you will be the hub of your friendship wheel; because you take charge and care.
It’s supposed to be the parents who teach their children; but you, my little one, have taught us so much.  Lessons which have changed us in many ways - for the better.
The thought of watching you every day of the rest of my life, grow in personality, grow in heart, grow in emotion - is the most exciting thing I can imagine!  You are such an inspiration to me, my Blue.
We feel humbled and privileged that you entered our lives!
We are blessed by your presence and all that it has represented to us.
We love you more than we imagined possible to love another being and we wait with baited breath to see who and what you become!
I just wanted to chat a little about the orange centre strip in the background.  For quite some time now, I have wanted to get my hands on some Gelato's; particularly seeing it become quite an addictive technique as of late!!  Sadly, they seem virtually impossible to get in this country; buying them online is possible, but you don't want to know how much I would need to fork out for shipping alone ... it will, however, be my last resort.
So last night I sat thinking about how else I could achieve a 'smeared' background and then I remembered a technique I learned in Grade 6 or 7.
So : I took a mask and coloured in the spaces with orange, yellow and brown oil pastel.  Then (after removing the mask!) I held my heat gun over the pastel shapes and the top layer 'melted' and while it was still wet and tacky, I wiped across it with kitchen towel.  I had all but forgotten what a lovely finish this leaves.  Afterwards, to 'lift' the colours, I shaded / highlighted with orange, yellow and brown pencil.
For now, this will quell my deep hunger for Gelatos.
FOR. NOW. !!
So here are some additional close-ups.  It has been a loooong time since a LO has taken me this long to complete (I blame the little book I made!).

Top & Bottom : the sheet from a thesaurus was crumpled and then misted with Lindys Stamp Gang and Dazzles; then heat dried and the rubbed through the residue spray colours on my craft mat, before heat drying again.  I found that by drying such flimsy paper with my heat gun, it shrunk back in on itself and into the creases that were created when I crumpled the paper.  LOVING the finished look!

The booklet (5 pages).  I knew that I wanted to do a book - so I did quite a lot of online searching and adapted 2 tutorials I had seen to come up with this book.  I am certain I will use it again - as finicky as it is, I know that with practice I will perfect it.
For the 'spine' of the book, I ran a piece of chocolate cardstock over the chevron mask I used on the background sheet.  After adhering it, I created some faux stitching (which I learned about at the SA Scrapbook Convention this past weekend!).  The pages wouldn't stay down (obviously), so I created a little flap to hold them all down. 

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Your layout is gorgeous. I love the little book and the background chevrons. Your words gave me leaky seams :-)