6 Sep 2013

Beach Bliss

DELECTABLE palette over at CSI this week!  I was rather bummed and upset at the possibility that I may not have been able to partake; but I made a plan today and managed to churn out a piece that I am quite happy with!  Yay!

I procrastinated overnight as to what I was going to do, as I had made a list of possible testimony's and photographs to use.  Eventually, I settled and this is what I did today (yay for my new camera and better quality images! Now just to get used to my new lens ...):

Scheme : All colours
Evidence : butterflies, wave shapes, word stickers
Testimony : I used one of the prompts on Pinterest and loved the phrase "Salt in the air, sand in my hair"
My journaling is a poem I made up:
You love the beach, you love the sand
 You love the water on your hands
You love the shells, you love the sun
This wide open space is so much fun
You throw the sand high in the air
You are blissful; without a care
You run, you jump, you leap, you bound
You twirl and swirl, around and 'round
Here comes a wave, watch it crash
You dart away - quick as a flash
It is so obvious; or all to see
The beach is your favourite place to be
Here are some close ups.  I used some of the lovely printables here and there.
Thanks for the visit.


  1. Your layout and your poem is beautiful. So much talent my friend.

  2. Beautiful layout. What a cool challenge!