12 Aug 2013

So Happy Together


Another lovely nautical inspired case to solve over at CSI this week!

As much as I LOVE green, I always find it such a challenge to work with.  Strange, but true.  I'm so used to working with really girly colours (read : PINK) that deviating from that is like a whole new scrapping world to me.

And there is of course, the beautiful sketch from Em as well.  I love the clean lines of this one.  And that is what I wanted to recreate in my piece:

The Scheme : all colours
Evidence : stripes, pocket (navy blue), trim and circles
Evidence : I used a prompt from Dream.Write.Explore, namely "I love her; and that's the beginning and the end of it". My journaling (tucked behind the navy pocket):
There are lots of fears and concerns surrounding adoption.  One of the "challenges" that I have heard most couples face, is the fact that their own gene pool ceases to exist with them.
Of course, it was a concern for us too.  Would she look like us?  Would we treat her differently?  How deep would our love go?
Well, after 3 years, I can say with utmost confidence that those fears are a distant memory (and really just plain silly in the greater scheme of thigs!)
With adoption, the whole "Nature vs. Nurture" theory comes into play.  Isabella did not grow inside me.  Isabella has NONE of my or my husband's genes.  Yet, she is so like us in other ways that are so surreal.  Anyone who didn't know that she is adopted would never guess it.
She has toes like mine.  She talks like me.  She loves girly things - like me, obviously!  She stands with her feet crossed in exactly the same way as Travers does.
It is completely mind-blowing to me how much like us she is.  She FITS.
Babies are a blank canvas and everything they do and say, the get from their mom and daddy.
So, with all the worries I had aside, it really does not matter that she does not have our genetics.  She is ours.  One-hundred percent.  She was made for and destined to be with us.
And we love her COMPLETELY.  We love her for what she represents in our lives.  We love her for coming into our lives at the right time.  We love her from the tips of her toes to the tip of her nose.  She is our everything.  She completes us.
Here are some closies.

The 'happy' is a cardboard cutout which I first dabbed with Gesso and then stamped with green ink and finally I put on a 'gentle' layer of crackle glaze.  This image also shows where my journaling is tucked.

I cut the pocket out of denim and then stamped it with navy ink to give it the appearance of denim.


  1. Love the denim pocket. You nailed the colors and of course I love your journaling! :)

  2. This is gorgeous. I love the clean lines. I have an adopted daughter that is now 24...she is also so much like us :-) We had our rough times in her early twenties but thank God, that is all behind us now and when she became a mom everything changed for her. Enjoy your girly...she is such a lovely little thing.