26 Aug 2013

Road Trip

My golly .. have I been PROCRASTINATING about the Scrap365 challenge over at CSI
I knew WHAT I wanted to scrap, but getting it together was proving to be a bit of a challenge (no pun intended .. oh wait! .... ).  I tried two different concepts and eventually settled on number three; which just goes to prove - "third time lucky"!
What I worked on:

Scheme : all colours
Evidence : metal, circles, something transparent
Testimony : I documented a road trip and tucked each bit of journaling behind some of my photo's
My journaling:
It was the beginning of 2010; we had kicked our futile attempts to fall pregnant to the curb and had made the decision to venture into the new journey of adoption.
Over the years, we’d lost touch with what really matters; as the obsession to conceive took hold.
We decided that a trip up the beautiful garden route was the answer and made very “casual” accommodation bookings.
I am a firm believer in the healing power of animals and this trip certainly involved interaction with a lot of animals!
First stop, we played with two Bengal tiger cubs (mischievous little beings!).  Then I spent a good 15 minutes stroking baby cheetahs - this was so memorable, as I literally had these guys all to myself.  All I wanted to do was pick one up and cuddle it like you would a kitten!
They were SO precious!
Being with these elephants was so much more peaceful than you can imagine. These majestic, enormous animals have SUCH a beautiful calm about them, that is indescribable.
We “walked” them along a designated path - we had their trunks in our hands; it was a bit sticky  and I laughed and squealed the whole way.
These guys were all rescue elephants, and despite their possible bad prior handling, they were so gentle.
By far the most incredible; taking a cheetah for a walk.  Unreal.  Mind blowing.  Serene. Heart stopping.  Heart POUNDING. 
I was just worried that she would take off at a run, with me being dragged behind!
We walked through a forest and the only sounds - besides our footsteps - was the twittering of birds and the MIGHTY purring of these cats.
I really don’t think I stopped smiling throughout this experience.
I was a little scared, but completely and utterly in awe throughout it all.
Again, these are rescue animals and they are NOT hurt in any way in this ‘walking’ experience.
As our trip was out of season, we had a lot of facilities and excursions to ourselves. 
We found this little gem of a beach very near our hotel and we must’ve spent more than an hour there.
Not talking, just BEING.
We sat together.  We walked together.  We walked separately.
This was a big day in terms of finding what had been put on the backburner for so long.
I am hopeless where animals are concerned.  I cry, I whimper, I squeal.
My husband had to physically enter the rabbit enclosure to fetch me when it was time to leave.
This trip was just a few weeks long, but it really reignited all that had been forgotten.
It was romantic, enlightening, healing, fun, terrifying and so, so needed.
I hope to repeat a trip like this in the future - but this time with Isabella.
(Sorry it's so much - but it truly WAS a magical trip!)

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  1. I love the story behind this layout...that is always the best part of scrapping. Gorgeous layout Lisa-Marie.