5 Aug 2013


CSI's latest case sees a travel theme and a lovely colour scheme that reminds me a bit of all things nautical.  What is it about the combo of red & navy, teamed with naturals that is so scrummy??
So this is what I worked on today and yesterday.  I have double bacterial conjunctivitis in both eyes, so my scrapping time has been rather scant. 
I used all the colours
 As evidence, I included tags, jewels, stamps and a grid pattern
As Testimony - I documented a journey which was both literal and figurative.
My journaling is hidden in the scroll, below the photo of Buddha, and is as follows:
After having gone through a particularly trying 8 years involving 2 miscarriages, 1 termination and several fertility treatments, I completely lost touch with both myself and my life.  I was obsessed with moving onto the next “expected” phase of life; namely having a child. 
To make matters worse, my depression had a strong hold over me.
My wonderful, supportive, ever-loving husband was there for me through it all, and he was the one who encouraged me to find time to nurture my soul and to reconnect with myself; find the “me” I had lost. 
So I shipped myself off to the Temenos Retreat, in McGregor.
I am not religious.  I am spiritual.  And that is why from the moment I touched the soil at Temenos, a long-forgotten sense of peace washed over me.  At Temenos you are free to explore what ever aspect of religion or spirituality rings true to you; to your heart; whatever touches you at the time you need it the most.
I had reiki.  Healing massages.  And a session under hypnosis - where all the truths came out and I was finally able to face and own up to my inner demons.
I cried like never before.  Tears of heartache over my losses, anger at having to go through this and anger at having made the decision to terminate and end the life of a very, very sick little girl.  Tears of relief at finally having to open doors which I had thought were so firmly shut in my mind.
I was there for a mere 4 days, but it felt longer.  It was the first time I had done something like that on my own - but my goodness, was it needed!
I spent much of my time sitting on a bench in the exquisite rustic gardens.  I walked around those gardens.  I spoke to myself inside my head; and to anyone else who was listening.  Most times, I was just quiet.
I had NO contact with the outside World.  It was just me, my thoughts, my heart and my soul.
This trip saved me and it was the start of my journey to salvage my broken heart.
I tried to create the effect of a letter and pictures lying loosely on a table top or surface, which is why the airmail envelope type background is off centre.  I roughened up the edges and then brushed one of my chalks over it so that the folds stood out to give it an aged effect.
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  1. Your layout is lovely. This is always an awesome colour combo to work with.