30 Aug 2013

A Shared Memory

This is by far the most special piece I have ever created; based on the latest challenge over at CSI.
I only get to see these reveals here in South Africa on a Saturday morning.  Last Saturday I was in Langebaan, intent on viewing / finding some flowers, newly in bloom. 
This is what I finished off today.

Scheme : All Colours
Evidence : Scallops, Art Medium (coarse texture paste)
Testimony : I used a Everyday Life prompt : "Today I want to remember"
My journaling, as can be seen on the large photograph:
As a family growing up, we would spend most Sundays going for long lazy drives around our beautiful Western Cape.  Daddy promised me that he would take me to Namaqualand on my 13th birthday to see the beautiful flowers; but sadly, that never happened, due to various unforeseen circumstances.
Then, when my parents bought a house in Langebaan in 2008, I was very excited when they told me how GORGEOUS the flowers in the nature reserve and the surrounding fields were.  As Murphy would have it, the opportunity for me to see them just never happened, as they bloomed at their best for such a short time.
Cue 2013, 25 years after my daddy's initial promise to me (okay it's a few weeks before my birthday, but it counts!).  We dropped everything to spend this past weekend at Langebaan. 
Seeing those flowers had me mostly breathless.  Waiting 25 years to see such beauty was well worth it - mostly because I got to do it with my little beloved.  I know that I will always, ALWAYS remember this with an enormous amount of fondness.
And here are some close ups.  Please forgive the horrid lighting in these shots, my camera was stolen and I've had to revert to using one from the Dark Ages .......

I sprayed my title with Perfect Pearls mist and LOVE how the blobs have dried!  In the background, you can also see the texture paste - which IS really a light grey, but you can't see it with this lighting!

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  1. Gorgeous layout and stunning memories captured here. Love the journaling.