30 Aug 2013

A Shared Memory

This is by far the most special piece I have ever created; based on the latest challenge over at CSI.
I only get to see these reveals here in South Africa on a Saturday morning.  Last Saturday I was in Langebaan, intent on viewing / finding some flowers, newly in bloom. 
This is what I finished off today.

Scheme : All Colours
Evidence : Scallops, Art Medium (coarse texture paste)
Testimony : I used a Everyday Life prompt : "Today I want to remember"
My journaling, as can be seen on the large photograph:
As a family growing up, we would spend most Sundays going for long lazy drives around our beautiful Western Cape.  Daddy promised me that he would take me to Namaqualand on my 13th birthday to see the beautiful flowers; but sadly, that never happened, due to various unforeseen circumstances.
Then, when my parents bought a house in Langebaan in 2008, I was very excited when they told me how GORGEOUS the flowers in the nature reserve and the surrounding fields were.  As Murphy would have it, the opportunity for me to see them just never happened, as they bloomed at their best for such a short time.
Cue 2013, 25 years after my daddy's initial promise to me (okay it's a few weeks before my birthday, but it counts!).  We dropped everything to spend this past weekend at Langebaan. 
Seeing those flowers had me mostly breathless.  Waiting 25 years to see such beauty was well worth it - mostly because I got to do it with my little beloved.  I know that I will always, ALWAYS remember this with an enormous amount of fondness.
And here are some close ups.  Please forgive the horrid lighting in these shots, my camera was stolen and I've had to revert to using one from the Dark Ages .......

I sprayed my title with Perfect Pearls mist and LOVE how the blobs have dried!  In the background, you can also see the texture paste - which IS really a light grey, but you can't see it with this lighting!

29 Aug 2013

Her First Love

The latest challenge at ScrapAfrica is all about colour!  It's such a lovely colour combo that I HAD to make time to play!  Thanks Kerryn!  It's a stunner! :-)
So this is what I finished up this morning!

As you can see - LOTS of layering.  I simply adore this set of pics of Travers and Isabella!  And I though that the colouring in the shots would work really well with this scheme (I am pedantic like that...).
I spritzed with ALOT of perfect pearls ... have a renewed love for them!  And I also used some long forgotten rub ons.
Here are some additional close up shots.  Please forgive the bad, bad lighting! I am using an archaic camera, as my precious baby camera was stolen from my home; AAAAAND we have brutally overcast weather in Cape Town currently!

26 Aug 2013

Road Trip

My golly .. have I been PROCRASTINATING about the Scrap365 challenge over at CSI
I knew WHAT I wanted to scrap, but getting it together was proving to be a bit of a challenge (no pun intended .. oh wait! .... ).  I tried two different concepts and eventually settled on number three; which just goes to prove - "third time lucky"!
What I worked on:

Scheme : all colours
Evidence : metal, circles, something transparent
Testimony : I documented a road trip and tucked each bit of journaling behind some of my photo's
My journaling:
It was the beginning of 2010; we had kicked our futile attempts to fall pregnant to the curb and had made the decision to venture into the new journey of adoption.
Over the years, we’d lost touch with what really matters; as the obsession to conceive took hold.
We decided that a trip up the beautiful garden route was the answer and made very “casual” accommodation bookings.
I am a firm believer in the healing power of animals and this trip certainly involved interaction with a lot of animals!
First stop, we played with two Bengal tiger cubs (mischievous little beings!).  Then I spent a good 15 minutes stroking baby cheetahs - this was so memorable, as I literally had these guys all to myself.  All I wanted to do was pick one up and cuddle it like you would a kitten!
They were SO precious!
Being with these elephants was so much more peaceful than you can imagine. These majestic, enormous animals have SUCH a beautiful calm about them, that is indescribable.
We “walked” them along a designated path - we had their trunks in our hands; it was a bit sticky  and I laughed and squealed the whole way.
These guys were all rescue elephants, and despite their possible bad prior handling, they were so gentle.
By far the most incredible; taking a cheetah for a walk.  Unreal.  Mind blowing.  Serene. Heart stopping.  Heart POUNDING. 
I was just worried that she would take off at a run, with me being dragged behind!
We walked through a forest and the only sounds - besides our footsteps - was the twittering of birds and the MIGHTY purring of these cats.
I really don’t think I stopped smiling throughout this experience.
I was a little scared, but completely and utterly in awe throughout it all.
Again, these are rescue animals and they are NOT hurt in any way in this ‘walking’ experience.
As our trip was out of season, we had a lot of facilities and excursions to ourselves. 
We found this little gem of a beach very near our hotel and we must’ve spent more than an hour there.
Not talking, just BEING.
We sat together.  We walked together.  We walked separately.
This was a big day in terms of finding what had been put on the backburner for so long.
I am hopeless where animals are concerned.  I cry, I whimper, I squeal.
My husband had to physically enter the rabbit enclosure to fetch me when it was time to leave.
This trip was just a few weeks long, but it really reignited all that had been forgotten.
It was romantic, enlightening, healing, fun, terrifying and so, so needed.
I hope to repeat a trip like this in the future - but this time with Isabella.
(Sorry it's so much - but it truly WAS a magical trip!)

19 Aug 2013

Simple Pleasures

A complete 'about turn' in terms of colours this week at CSI!  Two of these below are slowly working their way to the top of my favourites list - coral-orange and teal/turquoise!
I had a REALLY hard time deciding what or how to journal.  So I wafted through the images on my computer and waited for a photo / concept to grab me.  This is what I worked on today.
Scheme : all the colours
Evidence : tags, vellum, numbers, string, frame, decorative border
Testimony : I went with handwriting in cursive on a tag, but I also, in a roundabout way, used one of the senses
My journaling reads: I firmly believe that we can re-learn a lot from our children; like the simple joys of life... Touching grass or leaves and finding the fascination within the beauty of nature.  I could watch this little girl of mine for hours, as she explores the garden, with such na├»ve awe and wonder!
Aaaand here are some closies!
That mighty big rose is resin; I found it at a beading shop and I think that it is possibly used to make rings or pendants.  The large white roses were sprayed with pearl mist in tangerine.  The smaller roses were all left as is in terms of colour, but sprayed with Ranger perfect pearls.
My journaling is hidden behind the vellum penant.  The title is a chippie which I merely inked in Mocha Java and then embossed with clear embossing powder.
Second flower cluster and the decorative border.  All flowers were treated the same.
This is a cardboard frame on which I applied a layer of gesso.  Then I sprayed with Persimmon pearl spray and also inked with orange. The edges were inked in brown.  Then I randomly applied white UTTE to give the frame some delicious texture.  The bottom left hand corner of the frame is wrapped with a piece of string.

12 Aug 2013

So Happy Together


Another lovely nautical inspired case to solve over at CSI this week!

As much as I LOVE green, I always find it such a challenge to work with.  Strange, but true.  I'm so used to working with really girly colours (read : PINK) that deviating from that is like a whole new scrapping world to me.

And there is of course, the beautiful sketch from Em as well.  I love the clean lines of this one.  And that is what I wanted to recreate in my piece:

The Scheme : all colours
Evidence : stripes, pocket (navy blue), trim and circles
Evidence : I used a prompt from Dream.Write.Explore, namely "I love her; and that's the beginning and the end of it". My journaling (tucked behind the navy pocket):
There are lots of fears and concerns surrounding adoption.  One of the "challenges" that I have heard most couples face, is the fact that their own gene pool ceases to exist with them.
Of course, it was a concern for us too.  Would she look like us?  Would we treat her differently?  How deep would our love go?
Well, after 3 years, I can say with utmost confidence that those fears are a distant memory (and really just plain silly in the greater scheme of thigs!)
With adoption, the whole "Nature vs. Nurture" theory comes into play.  Isabella did not grow inside me.  Isabella has NONE of my or my husband's genes.  Yet, she is so like us in other ways that are so surreal.  Anyone who didn't know that she is adopted would never guess it.
She has toes like mine.  She talks like me.  She loves girly things - like me, obviously!  She stands with her feet crossed in exactly the same way as Travers does.
It is completely mind-blowing to me how much like us she is.  She FITS.
Babies are a blank canvas and everything they do and say, the get from their mom and daddy.
So, with all the worries I had aside, it really does not matter that she does not have our genetics.  She is ours.  One-hundred percent.  She was made for and destined to be with us.
And we love her COMPLETELY.  We love her for what she represents in our lives.  We love her for coming into our lives at the right time.  We love her from the tips of her toes to the tip of her nose.  She is our everything.  She completes us.
Here are some closies.

The 'happy' is a cardboard cutout which I first dabbed with Gesso and then stamped with green ink and finally I put on a 'gentle' layer of crackle glaze.  This image also shows where my journaling is tucked.

I cut the pocket out of denim and then stamped it with navy ink to give it the appearance of denim.

5 Aug 2013


CSI's latest case sees a travel theme and a lovely colour scheme that reminds me a bit of all things nautical.  What is it about the combo of red & navy, teamed with naturals that is so scrummy??
So this is what I worked on today and yesterday.  I have double bacterial conjunctivitis in both eyes, so my scrapping time has been rather scant. 
I used all the colours
 As evidence, I included tags, jewels, stamps and a grid pattern
As Testimony - I documented a journey which was both literal and figurative.
My journaling is hidden in the scroll, below the photo of Buddha, and is as follows:
After having gone through a particularly trying 8 years involving 2 miscarriages, 1 termination and several fertility treatments, I completely lost touch with both myself and my life.  I was obsessed with moving onto the next “expected” phase of life; namely having a child. 
To make matters worse, my depression had a strong hold over me.
My wonderful, supportive, ever-loving husband was there for me through it all, and he was the one who encouraged me to find time to nurture my soul and to reconnect with myself; find the “me” I had lost. 
So I shipped myself off to the Temenos Retreat, in McGregor.
I am not religious.  I am spiritual.  And that is why from the moment I touched the soil at Temenos, a long-forgotten sense of peace washed over me.  At Temenos you are free to explore what ever aspect of religion or spirituality rings true to you; to your heart; whatever touches you at the time you need it the most.
I had reiki.  Healing massages.  And a session under hypnosis - where all the truths came out and I was finally able to face and own up to my inner demons.
I cried like never before.  Tears of heartache over my losses, anger at having to go through this and anger at having made the decision to terminate and end the life of a very, very sick little girl.  Tears of relief at finally having to open doors which I had thought were so firmly shut in my mind.
I was there for a mere 4 days, but it felt longer.  It was the first time I had done something like that on my own - but my goodness, was it needed!
I spent much of my time sitting on a bench in the exquisite rustic gardens.  I walked around those gardens.  I spoke to myself inside my head; and to anyone else who was listening.  Most times, I was just quiet.
I had NO contact with the outside World.  It was just me, my thoughts, my heart and my soul.
This trip saved me and it was the start of my journey to salvage my broken heart.
I tried to create the effect of a letter and pictures lying loosely on a table top or surface, which is why the airmail envelope type background is off centre.  I roughened up the edges and then brushed one of my chalks over it so that the folds stood out to give it an aged effect.
Thanks for stopping by.

2 Aug 2013


Today I worked on the latest sketch challenge over at Scrap Africa.
I decided to start using all the images of Isabella that I had printed up years ago - I mirrored the sketch and this is what I came up with.

Gawd.  Isn't that face just precious!?
Below are some closies and additional details.

Sticker letters, treated with Glossy Accents and sprinkled with embossing powder before heating.  The chippie fence was stamped and then roughly embossed.

Gauze behind the flower cluster.  I also gave my background paper a light-handed coat of white acrylic paint.

Little corner created with beads.  I also hand-stitched a border right 'round the page.

When the acrylic was still wet, I sprinkled it with UTEE and then used my heat gun to both dry the paint and also emboss.  Then I stamped randomly with blue, pink and pale pink.
Thanks for stopping by!