1 Jul 2013


Ugh ... I seem to have lost my mojo this past week.  I blame it on the fact that Isabella's birthday party is this weekend and I can think of NOTHING else.  Even though I've done a lot - there is still so much that needs to be done.
I love this weeks challenge at CSI, but I fear I did not do it justice.  I had an idea in my head ... and then it all fizzled out and went pear shaped.
My instant thought when I viewed the challenge was to document our trip to Russia; but I couldn't find those pics anywhere so I thought that I'd stick to this months wedding theme and document our Honeymoon.  The quality of the pics are absolutely horrendous, as it was a real el-cheapo camera. 
Here is what I did this week.
Scheme : All colours
Evidence : metal, travel accent, sticker, paint, leather, stitching
Testimony : I documented our Honeymoon.  My journaling:
Our honeymoon destination was a surprise; I had absolutely no idea where we were headed as we waited at the airport.  Travers wouldn’t even let me listen to the flight announcements; cleverly distracting me each time they spoke over the speakers.
It was only when we boarded, that I found out we were headed to Malawi.  He had been there before, loved it and decided that he wanted to take me too.  And I was NOT disappointed!  Despite the severe poverty, which was heart wrenching, the countryside was magnificent.  Delicious rich earth, green, green foliage and the MOST enchanting Baobab trees.  I fell head over heels in love with those trees!  The further we drove, the bigger they got!
Our resort was magical and naturally we had the Honeymoon Suite - which was very secluded (obviously!), And we had our own private little beach.  There weren’t many visitors there at the time, so it felt as if we the only ones in the world, enjoying being newly married.
We chatted endlessly with the locals and I learned how to barter like a pro!  We came home with a multitude of goodies - fabric, pottery, beadwork, woodwork; and a fun hand made board game called Bawu.
We were so touched when on our very last day there, one of the locals made this beautiful carving especially for us.  While the pottery has broken, the beadwork disappears and the fabric used up on blinds; this very special piece takes pride of place in our home - a constant reminder of a very special and unique Honeymoon.
I will always love Malawi and its people.
This is a close-up of the paint work, the only effect on this piece that I really loved!
My journaling is tucked under the 'main' photograph.
Thanks for your visit ...

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