26 Jul 2013

Daddy's Girl

Aaaaand we have another lovely challenge over at CSI this week! 
I'm like a little girl when they come out!  I wait with bated breath for the sneak peak, then start semi-planning paper, etc; and as for Saturday morning (in South Africa), I'm pushing my way forwards to our home PC to get a look at the reveal! 
Anyway, this is the latest challenge:
Pretty, huh???
And this is what I did:

Scheme : All colours, though they appear so much darker here, thanks to our overcast weather!
Evidence : twiggy branch, bird, twine, rounded corners, wood grain, textured paper
Testimony : I used a journal jar prompt
Journaling : the traits (good and bad!) that I have inherited from my father are Love - showing, doing; Emotion - showing, doing; Compassion; Understanding; Hatred of Confrontation; Intolerance of lack of initiative and Impatience!
As the only daughter - and the youngest sibling - I grew up as Daddy's girl.  My dad would love (and still loves) telling stories about how I would RUN into his arms when he got home from work, and then not want to let him go.  I remember a lot of these times too.  When all I wanted was my Daddy.  He was my Hero, for sure.
Then I became a teenager and all that changed.  My relationship with my dad was not that great; with hindsight and now that I am an adult with a child of my own, I wonder whether it is because of him not wanting to 'let go' of his little girl and realise that she is growing up ...
I reverted back to being Daddy's girl when I was around 19 years old.  And our relationship goes from strength to strength.  I like to tell everyone that I am his favourite child!  I defend him to the ends of the Earth and have had little arguments with mom because of it!  In my eyes, Daddy is right and everyone else should just .... well ... go away!  Ha!
Because I grew up with this relationship, I have always, always loved watching daddy's and their daughters together; there really is something so very special about that relationship that is so hard to put into words.
Daddy loves to show his love -by holding my hand, etc.  I am exactly the same.  My love is a physical thing and I always want to hug or kiss those I love most!  Daddy wears his heart on his sleeve, as do I.  Daddy doesn't want people to fight and he really does not like confrontation too much.  I wish that there were no wars or guns; and I wish that everyone could just get along.  I find fighting unnecessary and a waste of energy.  I try to understand someone else's point of view before I rant.
At 1.63m tall, I am just a wee bit taller than my Daddy.  So, with a lack of height on our side, we make up for it and tend to be cheeky (some say we have a chip on our shoulders or 'short-person-syndrome').  Our intolerances and impatience go hand in hand.  This is a side of me that I am not very fond of....
My daddy is my best guy.

I used some of the gorgeous printables this week!  Loooove the soft colours!

I had bought this pale yellow froggie YEARS ago and have been waiting for an opportunity to use it!  How incredibly pleased I was to finally be able to use it - not only is it pretty, but it serves the purpose of holding my journaling down too (see below).

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