17 Jul 2013


This weeks challenge at CSI is another whimsical dreamy one in terms of colours and feel - it's just lovely and does so well to get my creative juices flowing.
As it is Winter here in South Africa, I wasn't really able to go document summer, as I was just not in summery mode.  So I chose to go through the Easy Street prompts and found one which worked for me, along with one of several of my favourite shots of Isabella: 'from the doorway'.
Scheme : All colours
Evidence : flowers, triangle, lace, buttons, floral pattern, string, texture paste and wood grain
Testimony : Easy Street Prompt "from the doorway"
My journaling is tucked away in a booklet on the top right hand corner (see above and below).
Journalling reads:
And so there you sit, Isabella.  After exploring the restaurant, running wild.  What fills your little mind as you sit staring into space?
What could a 2 year old be thinking of?
As my own mind starts to wander, I start to think about the future.  Your future.
What does life have in store for you?
What will you be when you grow up?
What is beyond that great door of life?
I am so scared of so many things that you may still encounter.  I want to be able to protect you from all harm and hurt.
I know that it won’t always be possible as one day I won’t be there to catch you when you fall; and I really can’t describe how helpless I already feel about that!
You still have so many lessons to learn; most of them I am sure you will not like.
If there is ONE thing that mommy has learned and will continue to teach you that I want you to remember; it’s ‘what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger’.
I have such high hopes for you, my Isabella Bluebird.
You make me so proud already.  No matter what you do; no matter where you are; no matter what decisions you make - I am always here, I am always your mommy and I will always hold your hand through it all.

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  1. Amazing hunnie, love your page and take on the sketch. Such beautiful words of love and very wise ones too. Stunning!