8 Jul 2013


I love how these challenges that I take part in has helped me step right out of my boring old comfort zone. Especially in terms of colour (were it not for these challenges, I fear that most of my LO's would STILL be mostly pink!).
So this is the latest one I've done for the CSI Challenge this week; which is this:

Honestly, the first thing I do when I wake up on a Saturday is make a beeline for the computer so that I can start drooling over what CSI have in store for us!
And this is what I worked on today:

Scheme : All Colours
Evidence : Flowers, flourishes, metal, gingham, ribbon
Testimony : Inspiration from pinwheel girls (A dream come true), as well as kinda 4 reasons....
My journaling is behind each letter of the title of my piece on the right (Blue is an aka of Isabella's) and reads as follows:
B is for Birth Mom. 
Were it not for the selfless love of one woman, selecting Travers and I to be parents to this utterly charming, beautiful, perfect, delightful little girl - I shudder to think of where our lives would be right now.
We will be forever in the debt of our cherished birth mom.
We will teach Isabella of her love.
We will defend her to the end of the Earth.
We will love her for all eternity.
L is for Love. 
Undying, unending, eternal, pure and raw.
Love for Isabella. 
Love for parenthood. 
Love for your birthmom.
Everything about adoption = LOVE.
U is for Us.
A family at last because of one beautiful soul.
Us. We are a family.
Something I have dreamed of my whole life, is now my reality.
Just us three.  We fit.  We are made for each other.
You, Isabella, have completed us.
E is for Embrace
Embracing the immense love that comes with adoption.
Embracing you - every day.
Embracing our dream having come true.
Embracing our future and what it will bring us.
Our precious little Blue.  We just LOVE you very much.

Before I go any further, it needs to be said that I am very 'sensitive' over the fact that Isabella is adopted.  Sensitive to the fact that you hear so many harsh comments (particularly towards birth moms / parents); sensitive to the fact that it is going to be very rough at times in the future when she is grown up and understands and sensitive to the fact that I struggle to get the point across as to just how very PRECIOUS the gift of adoption is.  So many people involved, so much love involved.  I don't think I will ever stop scrapping about this.  Adoption is something I feel very passionate about.

This shows how I tucked my journaling away; the brads were to secure each piece down.

Flourishes and Flowers!

My special little girl.  Gosh; I love her so!  This was taken on Saturday past at her 3rd birthday party.  The theme was The Wizard of Oz and she was dressed as Dorothy - right down to shiny red shoes!  I felt that the colour scheme of her outfit and this weeks' challenge worked out SO perfectly!
Thanks for popping by to see my work!

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  1. It is very obvious that Blue's birth mother has made the wisest choice by entrusting this little precious onto you from your photos, scrapping and blogging! Big kudos to you for always mentioning and acknowledging her as well! Love your design for your journalling...very clever !!!