29 Jul 2013

Beach Bliss

Hey there,
Well.  ANY palette that contains pink is going to make this girly VERY happy.  And looky here at the latest challenge at CSI:
Pretty, huh?  So ALIVE!!  It made me think a little about hundreds-and-thousands that you decorate cakes with!
I did this with it, this week:
I really enjoyed working on this today.  I wanted to keep it relatively simple so that my pics would stand out.  I mean seriously, just LOOK at the colour of the sky on the right image!!! :-)
Scheme : All colours
Evidence : doodling, fruit accent, fish and string
Testimony : I documented my favourite summer holiday destination, as follows:
My favourite holiday destination is heading over to Langebaan, on the West Coast.  We are very lucky that my parents have a house there, so we literally can go at the drop of a hat.
It is situated on a rather large lagoon, so the beach sand is lovely and flat and the waves are gentle and lapping.
I’ve NEVER been a “beach person” at all; in fact, I used to find the whole experience quite unpleasant and messy!  (I know - crazy, right??)
BUT, since sharing the whole experience with Isabella, my outlook has changed!  Watching her blissfully splash in the waves, pick up tiny shells and run in the sand has brought a whole new experience for me; she has managed to show me what simple joy the beach can bring. 
Now, when we head over to Langebaan, I partake in all sorts of beach activities with her.  My favourite, being a sort of a beach combing expedition; I have become QUITE fond of driftwood and of hermit crabs.  The hermits that are found on the beach there are so incredibly tiny!
I am definitely becoming more attached to this little town with each visit.  And I am looking forward to sharing so many more easy, relaxing days on the beach with my precious family!
If you are not from South Africa - the pronunciation of Langebaan is Lung-err-baah-n.
See those little 'beads' - they are actually a new form of 'play-dough' that I discovered for Isabella (and subsequently hijacked!).  It consists of tiny polystyrene balls, held together with a very tacky, almost stringy glue / medium.  It leaves NO residue on your hands when you work with it and sets rather firmly.  It's AWESOME to work with!!!  I used it in this piece to echo the frothiness of the waves.
My journaling revealed, hidden beneath the pic on the right.
More of the 'play-dough'.  It comes in a variety of colours.  I was a bit gutted (but unsurprised) that Isabella used all the pink up!
Thanks for stopping by to take a look!

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