29 Jul 2013

Beach Bliss

Hey there,
Well.  ANY palette that contains pink is going to make this girly VERY happy.  And looky here at the latest challenge at CSI:
Pretty, huh?  So ALIVE!!  It made me think a little about hundreds-and-thousands that you decorate cakes with!
I did this with it, this week:
I really enjoyed working on this today.  I wanted to keep it relatively simple so that my pics would stand out.  I mean seriously, just LOOK at the colour of the sky on the right image!!! :-)
Scheme : All colours
Evidence : doodling, fruit accent, fish and string
Testimony : I documented my favourite summer holiday destination, as follows:
My favourite holiday destination is heading over to Langebaan, on the West Coast.  We are very lucky that my parents have a house there, so we literally can go at the drop of a hat.
It is situated on a rather large lagoon, so the beach sand is lovely and flat and the waves are gentle and lapping.
I’ve NEVER been a “beach person” at all; in fact, I used to find the whole experience quite unpleasant and messy!  (I know - crazy, right??)
BUT, since sharing the whole experience with Isabella, my outlook has changed!  Watching her blissfully splash in the waves, pick up tiny shells and run in the sand has brought a whole new experience for me; she has managed to show me what simple joy the beach can bring. 
Now, when we head over to Langebaan, I partake in all sorts of beach activities with her.  My favourite, being a sort of a beach combing expedition; I have become QUITE fond of driftwood and of hermit crabs.  The hermits that are found on the beach there are so incredibly tiny!
I am definitely becoming more attached to this little town with each visit.  And I am looking forward to sharing so many more easy, relaxing days on the beach with my precious family!
If you are not from South Africa - the pronunciation of Langebaan is Lung-err-baah-n.
See those little 'beads' - they are actually a new form of 'play-dough' that I discovered for Isabella (and subsequently hijacked!).  It consists of tiny polystyrene balls, held together with a very tacky, almost stringy glue / medium.  It leaves NO residue on your hands when you work with it and sets rather firmly.  It's AWESOME to work with!!!  I used it in this piece to echo the frothiness of the waves.
My journaling revealed, hidden beneath the pic on the right.
More of the 'play-dough'.  It comes in a variety of colours.  I was a bit gutted (but unsurprised) that Isabella used all the pink up!
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26 Jul 2013

Daddy's Girl

Aaaaand we have another lovely challenge over at CSI this week! 
I'm like a little girl when they come out!  I wait with bated breath for the sneak peak, then start semi-planning paper, etc; and as for Saturday morning (in South Africa), I'm pushing my way forwards to our home PC to get a look at the reveal! 
Anyway, this is the latest challenge:
Pretty, huh???
And this is what I did:

Scheme : All colours, though they appear so much darker here, thanks to our overcast weather!
Evidence : twiggy branch, bird, twine, rounded corners, wood grain, textured paper
Testimony : I used a journal jar prompt
Journaling : the traits (good and bad!) that I have inherited from my father are Love - showing, doing; Emotion - showing, doing; Compassion; Understanding; Hatred of Confrontation; Intolerance of lack of initiative and Impatience!
As the only daughter - and the youngest sibling - I grew up as Daddy's girl.  My dad would love (and still loves) telling stories about how I would RUN into his arms when he got home from work, and then not want to let him go.  I remember a lot of these times too.  When all I wanted was my Daddy.  He was my Hero, for sure.
Then I became a teenager and all that changed.  My relationship with my dad was not that great; with hindsight and now that I am an adult with a child of my own, I wonder whether it is because of him not wanting to 'let go' of his little girl and realise that she is growing up ...
I reverted back to being Daddy's girl when I was around 19 years old.  And our relationship goes from strength to strength.  I like to tell everyone that I am his favourite child!  I defend him to the ends of the Earth and have had little arguments with mom because of it!  In my eyes, Daddy is right and everyone else should just .... well ... go away!  Ha!
Because I grew up with this relationship, I have always, always loved watching daddy's and their daughters together; there really is something so very special about that relationship that is so hard to put into words.
Daddy loves to show his love -by holding my hand, etc.  I am exactly the same.  My love is a physical thing and I always want to hug or kiss those I love most!  Daddy wears his heart on his sleeve, as do I.  Daddy doesn't want people to fight and he really does not like confrontation too much.  I wish that there were no wars or guns; and I wish that everyone could just get along.  I find fighting unnecessary and a waste of energy.  I try to understand someone else's point of view before I rant.
At 1.63m tall, I am just a wee bit taller than my Daddy.  So, with a lack of height on our side, we make up for it and tend to be cheeky (some say we have a chip on our shoulders or 'short-person-syndrome').  Our intolerances and impatience go hand in hand.  This is a side of me that I am not very fond of....
My daddy is my best guy.

I used some of the gorgeous printables this week!  Loooove the soft colours!

I had bought this pale yellow froggie YEARS ago and have been waiting for an opportunity to use it!  How incredibly pleased I was to finally be able to use it - not only is it pretty, but it serves the purpose of holding my journaling down too (see below).

19 Jul 2013

Mother and Daughter

I think it's safe to say that I HATE being in front of the camera!  I HATE having my picture taken!  I'd much rather be the one behind the camera than in front of it.
Having said that, my darling husband has on occasion, insisted on taking the camera from me to take some pics of my beloved daughter and I.
So when ScrapAfrica presented their latest challenge, I decided to dig through the shots I had of Isabella and I; and I came up with these.
I have combined the challenge that ScrapAfrica is hosting (to use a patchwork effect) with this lovely colour scheme from ScrapFriends.
These pictures of Isabella and I were taken a year ago.  Here is what I rustled up this morning.
I must say that this LO is unlike me - in that I did not make use of any flowers or additional embellishments.  I felt that the "busy-ness" of the patchwork was more than enough for this page, and adding anymore would only detract from the prettiness of the patchwork.
So, I just finished the edges of the pages off with some washi.
My chippie title has been treated with white UTEE - again, I did not want to cover the title completely.  I rather like this more 'messy' look.
I am happy with this page; I really am.
Thanks for stopping by!

17 Jul 2013


This weeks challenge at CSI is another whimsical dreamy one in terms of colours and feel - it's just lovely and does so well to get my creative juices flowing.
As it is Winter here in South Africa, I wasn't really able to go document summer, as I was just not in summery mode.  So I chose to go through the Easy Street prompts and found one which worked for me, along with one of several of my favourite shots of Isabella: 'from the doorway'.
Scheme : All colours
Evidence : flowers, triangle, lace, buttons, floral pattern, string, texture paste and wood grain
Testimony : Easy Street Prompt "from the doorway"
My journaling is tucked away in a booklet on the top right hand corner (see above and below).
Journalling reads:
And so there you sit, Isabella.  After exploring the restaurant, running wild.  What fills your little mind as you sit staring into space?
What could a 2 year old be thinking of?
As my own mind starts to wander, I start to think about the future.  Your future.
What does life have in store for you?
What will you be when you grow up?
What is beyond that great door of life?
I am so scared of so many things that you may still encounter.  I want to be able to protect you from all harm and hurt.
I know that it won’t always be possible as one day I won’t be there to catch you when you fall; and I really can’t describe how helpless I already feel about that!
You still have so many lessons to learn; most of them I am sure you will not like.
If there is ONE thing that mommy has learned and will continue to teach you that I want you to remember; it’s ‘what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger’.
I have such high hopes for you, my Isabella Bluebird.
You make me so proud already.  No matter what you do; no matter where you are; no matter what decisions you make - I am always here, I am always your mommy and I will always hold your hand through it all.

8 Jul 2013


I love how these challenges that I take part in has helped me step right out of my boring old comfort zone. Especially in terms of colour (were it not for these challenges, I fear that most of my LO's would STILL be mostly pink!).
So this is the latest one I've done for the CSI Challenge this week; which is this:

Honestly, the first thing I do when I wake up on a Saturday is make a beeline for the computer so that I can start drooling over what CSI have in store for us!
And this is what I worked on today:

Scheme : All Colours
Evidence : Flowers, flourishes, metal, gingham, ribbon
Testimony : Inspiration from pinwheel girls (A dream come true), as well as kinda 4 reasons....
My journaling is behind each letter of the title of my piece on the right (Blue is an aka of Isabella's) and reads as follows:
B is for Birth Mom. 
Were it not for the selfless love of one woman, selecting Travers and I to be parents to this utterly charming, beautiful, perfect, delightful little girl - I shudder to think of where our lives would be right now.
We will be forever in the debt of our cherished birth mom.
We will teach Isabella of her love.
We will defend her to the end of the Earth.
We will love her for all eternity.
L is for Love. 
Undying, unending, eternal, pure and raw.
Love for Isabella. 
Love for parenthood. 
Love for your birthmom.
Everything about adoption = LOVE.
U is for Us.
A family at last because of one beautiful soul.
Us. We are a family.
Something I have dreamed of my whole life, is now my reality.
Just us three.  We fit.  We are made for each other.
You, Isabella, have completed us.
E is for Embrace
Embracing the immense love that comes with adoption.
Embracing you - every day.
Embracing our dream having come true.
Embracing our future and what it will bring us.
Our precious little Blue.  We just LOVE you very much.

Before I go any further, it needs to be said that I am very 'sensitive' over the fact that Isabella is adopted.  Sensitive to the fact that you hear so many harsh comments (particularly towards birth moms / parents); sensitive to the fact that it is going to be very rough at times in the future when she is grown up and understands and sensitive to the fact that I struggle to get the point across as to just how very PRECIOUS the gift of adoption is.  So many people involved, so much love involved.  I don't think I will ever stop scrapping about this.  Adoption is something I feel very passionate about.

This shows how I tucked my journaling away; the brads were to secure each piece down.

Flourishes and Flowers!

My special little girl.  Gosh; I love her so!  This was taken on Saturday past at her 3rd birthday party.  The theme was The Wizard of Oz and she was dressed as Dorothy - right down to shiny red shoes!  I felt that the colour scheme of her outfit and this weeks' challenge worked out SO perfectly!
Thanks for popping by to see my work!

1 Jul 2013


Ugh ... I seem to have lost my mojo this past week.  I blame it on the fact that Isabella's birthday party is this weekend and I can think of NOTHING else.  Even though I've done a lot - there is still so much that needs to be done.
I love this weeks challenge at CSI, but I fear I did not do it justice.  I had an idea in my head ... and then it all fizzled out and went pear shaped.
My instant thought when I viewed the challenge was to document our trip to Russia; but I couldn't find those pics anywhere so I thought that I'd stick to this months wedding theme and document our Honeymoon.  The quality of the pics are absolutely horrendous, as it was a real el-cheapo camera. 
Here is what I did this week.
Scheme : All colours
Evidence : metal, travel accent, sticker, paint, leather, stitching
Testimony : I documented our Honeymoon.  My journaling:
Our honeymoon destination was a surprise; I had absolutely no idea where we were headed as we waited at the airport.  Travers wouldn’t even let me listen to the flight announcements; cleverly distracting me each time they spoke over the speakers.
It was only when we boarded, that I found out we were headed to Malawi.  He had been there before, loved it and decided that he wanted to take me too.  And I was NOT disappointed!  Despite the severe poverty, which was heart wrenching, the countryside was magnificent.  Delicious rich earth, green, green foliage and the MOST enchanting Baobab trees.  I fell head over heels in love with those trees!  The further we drove, the bigger they got!
Our resort was magical and naturally we had the Honeymoon Suite - which was very secluded (obviously!), And we had our own private little beach.  There weren’t many visitors there at the time, so it felt as if we the only ones in the world, enjoying being newly married.
We chatted endlessly with the locals and I learned how to barter like a pro!  We came home with a multitude of goodies - fabric, pottery, beadwork, woodwork; and a fun hand made board game called Bawu.
We were so touched when on our very last day there, one of the locals made this beautiful carving especially for us.  While the pottery has broken, the beadwork disappears and the fabric used up on blinds; this very special piece takes pride of place in our home - a constant reminder of a very special and unique Honeymoon.
I will always love Malawi and its people.
This is a close-up of the paint work, the only effect on this piece that I really loved!
My journaling is tucked under the 'main' photograph.
Thanks for your visit ...