21 Jun 2013

Two Hearts

Another wedding themed case over at CSI this week - this time, however, the colours are MUCH bolder than the last case. 

I decided to document my parents' wedding for this piece and because I was doing another weddingy LO, I wanted to keep the colours relatively muted and only use the bolder colours as highlights.

Here is the challenge and the GORGEOUS sketch.  I really do love the sketches we get on this site!  They are so versatile!

 Pretty cute, huh?  And a totally different approach to the more traditional pastels associated with a wedding!

Here is what I did this week.

Scheme : All colours (although the yellow in this image appears to be off!)
Evidence : Circles, Numbers, Date / Calendar Accents
Testimony : Document a Wedding

My journalling is tucked behind the blue strip on the left; the yellow calender accent is the tab which pulls out the journalling.  It reads:

"Mom and daddy met in a way that one would expect to see in a movie; daddy literally fell at her feet at a party.  Mom says that it was because he'd had 'one too many', while daddy maintains that it was her beauty which distracted him!
They married on 01 March 1969 in their hometown of Parow, in Cape Town.  The colourscheme of the wedding was the softest, marshmallow pink and mom carried the most delicate arrangment of white orchids; and I must say that I LOVE her pillbox hat and veil.  So sixties and reminiscent of Priscilla's marriage to Elvis!
In most of the photographs I have claimed (!!), it is clear that daddy couldn't take his eyes off mom - this makes me think that perhaps HIS story of how they met was true after all!
I love to look at these photo's and try to imagine what it must've been like to get married in their era.

The little red crocheted flower is taken from one of Isabella's dresses that she's grown out of.  I'm all for UPcycling this way; and I love to incorporate pieces like this in my scrapping, making it that much more special!

I found this BEAUTIFUL phrase on Pinterest "The roots of a family tree begin with the love of two hearts".

Thanks for stopping by to see my piece!

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