24 Jun 2013


Before CSI launched their latest challenge; even before the sneak peek, I knew that I wanted to document the wedding of my in-laws.  I just had to hold my breath for a VERY long time to see whether documenting a wedding would form part of the Testimony!
Well it did; and not only that, but the colour palette and overall feel of this weeks' challenge is SO my mom-in-law! She's a gardening fundi and has an entire entourage of green thumbs!
I was OVER the moon!  Isn't it gorgeous??  All leafy and botanical... mm..
So this is what I did:

Scheme : All colours
Evidence : leaves, pearls, wood grain
Testimony :
How my in-laws met is also a bit of a movie; only this time, it’s a MUSICAL!
They were set up on a blind date dinner-dance; and after warming up to each other hit it off.  My FIL was considered ‘well-off’ - as he had a car!  He offered my MIL a lift home and after dancing the night away - they continued dancing to the car - singing (at the top of their lungs!):
“You make me feel so young”.  Can you imagine it?  I certainly can!
They married a few years later on 17 October 1964.  They could not afford a reception after the actual wedding, but with all the siblings my FIL has, a surprise ceremony was arranged for them at one of their homes.  FIL had apparently arranged the cake himself - very impressive if you ask me!
MIL’s dress is just stunning.  I think that it is completely timeless; she sadly regrets having sold it.  Her bridesmaid was her best friend Barbara who wore turquoise - another dress with classic lines. MIL remembers how exquisite the fabric was - embossed with pretty flowers.
Her bouquet had Lily's in them - she tells me that she had specifically chosen Lily's because she remembered that her own late-mom had carried Lily's in her own bouquet when she got married.
I love that CSI present the opportunity to document this wedding now too; as it is something so very special for our Isabella to look back on!
The journaling is typed out and adhered to a little concertina type 'booklet'.  (I know I was supposed to document just a wedding - but I could NOT resist adding the piece about them skipping down the road singing 'you make me feel so young'

I fully intended making full use of a gardening / botanical element and so created this little window box of sorts.  I love the earthiness of this colour scheme and I also wanted to keep the earthy element in my piece.

I found this gorgeous quote on Pinterest.
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  1. Ingenious way to include the journalling and I love that you included all the little details of their meeting as well as the wedding :{