28 Jun 2013

Little Girls

Today I am combining the latest ScrapAfrica challenge, with the colour palette challenge that ScrapFriends is hosting.
For the ScrapAfrica challenge, we are to use texture paint or modelling paste with a mask, a stencil or free hand; as well as any other wet medium like paint, mists, etc.
And the colour palette is this:
I knew off the bat when I saw the ScrapAfrica challenge that I wanted to do a canvas.  It has been SUCH a long time that I have worked on a canvas, and well ... I really do enjoy it!  I love how I can use any amount of paint / mist / medium without any buckling of paper occurring!
So, I let loose and did this:

I used a Prima stencil on the background with white gesso to start and I also applied the gesso free hand in some places.  When that was dry, I painted the entire canvas with yellow gesso.  When that was dry, I misted with Mister Huey and with Dazzles to create the green; I worked mostly with these colours in the top right corner.  Then I inked a little with green to get a smoother effect and then also with chocolate brown all around the edges to give the canvas a 'frame'.
In the centre, I used a chicken wire mask and after using my inks to create the brown and green effect, I misted over it lightly with my Avocado Dazzles for a little sparkle.
There is ALOT of texture on this piece and I just love it!!!
I took this to try and show the textured effect created with using the gesso and the stencil together.  What I loved about using my chalks on this piece was that the chalks actually managed to highlight over the more textured areas.

This image shows a closer shot of the chicken wire stencilling.  I also hand painted the chipboard piece and the whiter areas are where I embossed.

SCRUMMY texture!!

Thanks for taking a look at my work!

24 Jun 2013


Before CSI launched their latest challenge; even before the sneak peek, I knew that I wanted to document the wedding of my in-laws.  I just had to hold my breath for a VERY long time to see whether documenting a wedding would form part of the Testimony!
Well it did; and not only that, but the colour palette and overall feel of this weeks' challenge is SO my mom-in-law! She's a gardening fundi and has an entire entourage of green thumbs!
I was OVER the moon!  Isn't it gorgeous??  All leafy and botanical... mm..
So this is what I did:

Scheme : All colours
Evidence : leaves, pearls, wood grain
Testimony :
How my in-laws met is also a bit of a movie; only this time, it’s a MUSICAL!
They were set up on a blind date dinner-dance; and after warming up to each other hit it off.  My FIL was considered ‘well-off’ - as he had a car!  He offered my MIL a lift home and after dancing the night away - they continued dancing to the car - singing (at the top of their lungs!):
“You make me feel so young”.  Can you imagine it?  I certainly can!
They married a few years later on 17 October 1964.  They could not afford a reception after the actual wedding, but with all the siblings my FIL has, a surprise ceremony was arranged for them at one of their homes.  FIL had apparently arranged the cake himself - very impressive if you ask me!
MIL’s dress is just stunning.  I think that it is completely timeless; she sadly regrets having sold it.  Her bridesmaid was her best friend Barbara who wore turquoise - another dress with classic lines. MIL remembers how exquisite the fabric was - embossed with pretty flowers.
Her bouquet had Lily's in them - she tells me that she had specifically chosen Lily's because she remembered that her own late-mom had carried Lily's in her own bouquet when she got married.
I love that CSI present the opportunity to document this wedding now too; as it is something so very special for our Isabella to look back on!
The journaling is typed out and adhered to a little concertina type 'booklet'.  (I know I was supposed to document just a wedding - but I could NOT resist adding the piece about them skipping down the road singing 'you make me feel so young'

I fully intended making full use of a gardening / botanical element and so created this little window box of sorts.  I love the earthiness of this colour scheme and I also wanted to keep the earthy element in my piece.

I found this gorgeous quote on Pinterest.
Thanks for stopping by!

21 Jun 2013

Two Hearts

Another wedding themed case over at CSI this week - this time, however, the colours are MUCH bolder than the last case. 

I decided to document my parents' wedding for this piece and because I was doing another weddingy LO, I wanted to keep the colours relatively muted and only use the bolder colours as highlights.

Here is the challenge and the GORGEOUS sketch.  I really do love the sketches we get on this site!  They are so versatile!

 Pretty cute, huh?  And a totally different approach to the more traditional pastels associated with a wedding!

Here is what I did this week.

Scheme : All colours (although the yellow in this image appears to be off!)
Evidence : Circles, Numbers, Date / Calendar Accents
Testimony : Document a Wedding

My journalling is tucked behind the blue strip on the left; the yellow calender accent is the tab which pulls out the journalling.  It reads:

"Mom and daddy met in a way that one would expect to see in a movie; daddy literally fell at her feet at a party.  Mom says that it was because he'd had 'one too many', while daddy maintains that it was her beauty which distracted him!
They married on 01 March 1969 in their hometown of Parow, in Cape Town.  The colourscheme of the wedding was the softest, marshmallow pink and mom carried the most delicate arrangment of white orchids; and I must say that I LOVE her pillbox hat and veil.  So sixties and reminiscent of Priscilla's marriage to Elvis!
In most of the photographs I have claimed (!!), it is clear that daddy couldn't take his eyes off mom - this makes me think that perhaps HIS story of how they met was true after all!
I love to look at these photo's and try to imagine what it must've been like to get married in their era.

The little red crocheted flower is taken from one of Isabella's dresses that she's grown out of.  I'm all for UPcycling this way; and I love to incorporate pieces like this in my scrapping, making it that much more special!

I found this BEAUTIFUL phrase on Pinterest "The roots of a family tree begin with the love of two hearts".

Thanks for stopping by to see my piece!

14 Jun 2013


Hey, hey!
The second challenge for Scrap Around the World is up and running - go check it out, it's LOVELY!  The colours are my absolute favourite (and I wonder if I will ever tire of them...?).

I must say that I am REALLY fond of this new challenge site.  The way it's presented, your options, everything really!
So, after that bit of a waffle ... here is what I sat doing with my piece today:
The moment I saw the mood board, I knew that I wanted to use my (newly-nicked-from-mom's-stash) camera chippy; it was only while I was working on this LO that I noticed it was exactly the same as the one on the mood board!  Ha!  What're the chances!?
ANYWAY.  So I was totally taken with the colours; especially the middle top image.  I also loved the gradual shading of the image in the bottom left corner - and lastly, the grassiness.  And yes, of course, all the camera's too!
The sketch is delicious and I used it as is.

I incorporated some chocolate coloured raffia in my LO by making this bow and also wrapping a stringy piece around the camera chippie.

And BECAUSE the words 'say cheese' appears on the mood board too, I decided to use that as my title.  You will see that the picture of Isabella is of her saying cheese and my journaling reads : Getting you to say cheese for the camera was easy; now to get you to look AT the camera!
The lettering is Tim Holtz's grunge board (am I the only one addicted to that smell??), which I painted with Tim Holtz crackle paint.  The paper had a crackle print on it and I wanted to echo that in the title.

I wanted the 'say cheese' wording to pop out, so I coloured it in with my gold gel pen.  I also stamped my background with a handwriting stamp and gold chalk.  Some of the butterflies on the paper were outlined with the gold gel pen too.
I LOVED doing this challenge!  Thanks so much SATW!!!
Thanks for taking a gander!

10 Jun 2013

A Barrel of Laughs

For this challenge, I combined both challenges on the Scrap Friends site - namely their colour challenge with their sketch challenge:
I must be honest, I really rushed through this one to get it finished!  I am rapidly running out of time with the preps of Isabella's birthday!!  Aaack!
Even though I rushed, I do like what I did!  I love how the colours just explode forth and I think that my pics work really well with the sketch!
She had SUCH a ball playing in this barrel tunnel at one of our many local wine farms!!
I loved the idea of tying floss around this circle, as can be seen from the sketch!  The pink embellishment is a wooden doily.
Crazy child of mine!  More wooden doilies as embellishments.
Thanks for your visit and your comments!

My Heirloom

The latest case over at CSI is all about weddings.  This is just blissful for me, as I am a hopelessly pathetic soppy romantic!
Pretty, isn't it?
Here is my take on it:

Scheme : all colours
Evidence : lace, chevrons, flowers, distressing, gold, banner title
Testimony : I used a prompt - What is your most treasured possession
And here are some close-ups and additional info.
The lace that I used is what I had left over from my wedding dress.  I wanted to incorporate it into this LO, because of the significance between my own wedding and that of my late Aunt and Gran.
See the journaling below as explanation.  The journaling is below the pic, and the pic is matted as a flip-booklet.
I made the apricot flower by cutting very rough circles out of organza and then used my heat gun to curl the corners.  It was all stitched together, with 2 layers of tulle for extra puffiness.
I've had this cameo for ages and I'm so glad to have found a 'home' for it now. It always seemed just a little TOO pink for my liking, but I do think that it fits in rather well with this LO and the subject surrounding it.

Thanks for popping by!

4 Jun 2013

You Are My Sunshine

This weeks challenge over at CSI is sublime!  I just love the colours - very bright 'n sunny in the midst of our gloomy winter (not that I'm complaining, because I'm a TOTAL winter babe!).

I decided to team it up with the current sketch challenge at ScrapAfrica.

Because that colour scheme just SCREAMS summery sunshine, I decided to go with a sunny theme; so this is what I did with the two:

By far one of my (too many) favourite shots of my Isabella!

As is obvious, I flipped the sketch once anti-clockwise.  I used the pointed section of the LO as the rays o the sun; it is not immediately obvious, but every second ray has been adhered with foam tape so as to give dimension.


Scheme : I used all the colours
Evidence : ruffles (created with tulle), lace, flowers and metal (zip)
Testimony : I used the IW's

Here are some close-ups and additional explanations

I roughly cut circles out of tulle and then gathered each one from the centre, then stapled them onto a circular backing to create this ruffled effect behind Isabella's picture

The backing page is plain white cardstock.  To it, I 'adhered' the palest pink tulle by means of painting it down with matte craft varnish.  This produced the softest pink, which is part of the scheme for the CSI challenge.

This image shows the dimensions of both the rays and the photo of Isabella

This shows the lace, and a 'clearer' view of the tulle.

Thanks so much for looking!