27 May 2013

I Spy

I really love vibrancy of the image, as well as how 'busy' it is - so much to see!
I must just admit that orange is just not my favourite colour - at all.  The closest colour which I adore is coral.  So, when I saw that orange is included in this weeks' scheme, I was ALMOST scared off.  I think it will take a lot more than icky orange for me to NOT do a CSI challenge!
So, with my least favourite colour being in the - ahem - picture, I decided to use a sketch from ScrapFriends just to ease my woes!  (I'm such a twit!).
As you can see from my take on this latest challenge, I proceeded with a rather hefty dose of caution!  My LO is pretty simple and straight forward; almost clean cut.

Scheme : All Colours
Evidence : circles, leaves (top left), architectural accents
Testimony : I used one of the prompts - namely I Spy
Not sure what it was that Isabella was "checking out" that day - but she was enthralled for quite a few minutes!
Naturally, with orange being my least favourite, I really didn't have much in my current stash to work with; or so I thought.  Upon a lot of digging, I found a range from Bo Bunny which had 3 of the 5 colours!

I used a mask in the background, with 'wheat' colour chalk. The flower was fussy cut and the edges bent and pinched to give it some depth.  You will also see some random stitching on this LO.

Thank you for stopping by! :-)

20 May 2013

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Precious Toes

Another gorgeous case to solve at CSI this week!  I fell in love with the sneak peak and to be honest, I actually would really not mind having the print in my home!  It's so pretty!
I had to have a little think about what photo I was going to use, but then it dawned on me that I've taken so many pics of Isabella's hands and feet and I had yet to scrap them.
I always tell DH Travers that I don't need drugs - I'm totally (and healthily!) addicted to Isabella's toes.  I spend ages kissing them and stroking them and just rubbing them on my cheek.  They are just too damned cute!
So I know that for this testimony, I had to challenge with 5 things and Isabella has ten toes; but hear me out.  Her one foot in particular is my favourite; the big toe has a mind of its own and when Isabella is really concentrating, that toe just sticks up and moves about - all by itself!  It's quite funny, but I guess you have to be there ....
So I thought about following a sketch again; but I have decided that I don't really want to become reliant upon that, as I think it may just tend to make me a little lazy!  LOL!  So this is what I came up with:

The Scene : all colours
Evidence : doilies, bird cage, metal
Testimony : 5 things
I get so bummed when the colours in the pic don't clearly represent the actual work! *sigh*
Anyway.  My backing page had some dots on it that were too dark to fit in with the colour scheme, so I applied a coating of gesso over those parts to tone the darkness down.
I also applied some spots of gesso spots through a makeshift mask and stamped here and there with a bubble wrap stamp.  The large paper doily has been secured to the page with Craft Varnish.

The "shortened" LO title

The "full" title - i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 precious toes

The birdcage - made from metal

My journaling is in a folded 'pocket'.  The spiral brad is used to hold it down.

Journalling revealed.
Thanks for coming by!

17 May 2013

I Just Adore You

By golly - have I had FUN with the latest challenge at ScrapAfrica!  I always used to take chippies for granted; used to think they were bland.  And in fact, I am just about mortified to admit that it is only in the last year that I have really started to use them. 
They are so incredibly versatile and sometimes I think that they are not given enough credit.
In addition to this fantastic challenge - ScrapAfrica have also introduced me to a SUPERB chippie supplier!  Yay!!  I'm such a sucker for chippies!  I am so ordering a batch at month end!
So after that bit of a ramble, here is my piece.  I felt like getting sticky and icky and inky; so this piece has a few layers of Gesso and also matt Craft Varnish.  I used one of the delicious sketches over at Scrap Friends (I think I'm as addicted to their sketches as I am to chippies!)

I did quite a bit of prep work on my backing page (pink) first.  I didn't have quite the right shade of pale pink that I wanted, so I applied a thick-ish layer of Gesso all over, just to soften the pink even more.  Then I adhered the torn bit, and that too, was treated with a layer of Gesso.  Then I splashed on odd spots of Glimmer Mist here and there, which immediately soaked into the wet Gesso.
Once the Gesso had dried, I applied some pieces of silky grid "paper" I had from years ago.  It actually looks a lot like silk-worm silk and is fairly stiff.  I cut out random pieces and then used my matt Craft Varnish to adhere it and secure it to my page.  You can see it on the dark teal in the image below.  It also helped to soften the bold colours on the paper I used.

The paper is Konnichiwa from Basic Grey; I thought that the photograph of Isabella had a bit of an oriental feel, so wanted to continue that theme on this LO.  I also stamped with a stamp that looked like the cherry blossoms on the paper.
The word 'adore' is a chippie - inked in dark teal and treated with clear UTEE.  The white speckles are bits of white UTEE that somehow made it into my clear UTEE (yes, I am a bit of a messy scrapper!!!)

I also used a cherry-blossom-look alike chippie in my flower cluster (which I left 'naked'), as well as some leaves and blossoms (which you can see on the left of the flower cluster, inked in green)
Thanks ScrapAfrica - what a divine challenge!

13 May 2013

The wonder of you

I am 101% an Elvis fan.  Yes, I was named after his daughter too. 
So with the latest case file at CSI, I decided to use the very first testimony for my LO - namely a song title. 
It is really hard for me to choose just ONE Elvis song that I love, but one that always stands out to me because of its beautiful lyrics is 'The Wonder of You'.  In fact, it was the third song that I asked to have play at our wedding.
Enough with the soppiness!  Here is what the latest colour scheme and sketch looks like.  As always, I love the sketches that are presented - they NEVER fail to kick my creative juices up a notch!

Gorgeous, eh??
Here is what I did with it.  As you can (hopefully!?) see, I flipped the sketch once, anti-clockwise.

The Scheme : All colours were used
Evidence : bicycle, circles, birds, doodling / penwork, fibre / twine, vellum
Testimony : Song title / lyrics as inspiration

Circular vellum behind the chipboard penny farthing (which has been painted with grey acrylic paint).  The vellum has been dry embossed.

Twine wrapped around each photograph.  Just LOOK at that precious face!!!

Title.  The word 'wonder' is a chippie - which I have treated with white UTEE.  I didn't want to cover the entire surface, as I liked the more 'rough' finish.  Here you can also see my stitching, doodles and circles.  The yellow circles were done using Gesso + yellow acrylic paint, run over a mask.

Birdie on the far right is a chippie, inked and covered with yellow glitter glue.

My journaling is rolled up and tucked underneath the 'fold' I created with the pennant.  The journaling reads as follows:
I am - at best - still in awe of the fact that you are really 'ours'.  Our daughter.  Our little girl.  Our child. 
You are such an incredible blessing to us and I thank my lucky stars every single day without fail, that we were chosen to be your parents.
Elvis Presley said it best; here is an excerpt from my favourite song:
And when you smile, the world is brighter
You touch my hand and I'm a King
Your kiss to me is worth a fortune
Your love for me is everything
I guess I'll never know
The reason why
You love me as you do
That's the wonder
The wonder of you
And THAT is what you are, Isabella - an absolute wonder to us.
(Okay, so maybe I'm not a King... but you know what I mean!)
Thanks for popping in to take a look!

She's my cuppa tea

Yesterday, for mothers' day we went out to a local deli, which also has a lovely little restaurant attached to it. 

I am thoroughly enjoying how independent Isabella is becoming - particularly when she shows more "grown up" traits.  Her new love is tea!  Rooibos, obviously!  This she gets from me, because I can easily drink 4 cups within the hour (only, I despise Rooibos - I'd much rather have an extra strong cup of English Breakfast).

Anyway, she was very 'chuffed' yesterday when she had her Very Own Teapot - all to herself.  I shot of quite a few pics of her drinking her tea, adding (way too much!) sugar and "mixing" it.

When I got home and downloaded them, I realised that they would work perfectly with the latest sketch over at Scrap Your Story.  I love the fact that I could choose 3 of my favourite shots from the tea-drinking sequence.  Isn't it a lovely sketch?

I came up with the idea of the title - and then whilst scrimmaging through my ever-growing paper stash, I "found" my BoBunny range (which I'd been setting aside for a 'special occasion' - I still don't know why I bother doing that!).  Anyway, amongst this collection were plenty of teacups and on the sticker sheet, was a little saying "you're just my cuppa tea".  WELL.  If the pics and the paper were not a match made in proverbial!?!

Here is what I did with the sketch:

And here are some additional close up shots.

Fussy cut tea cup tower, adhered with foam squares for dimension

Handmade flower (rough cut circles and heat gun used to curl the edges).  Little missy wanted her nails painted red for the day (it WAS a special occasion, after all!) and then I had to stick little flowers to each nail!

This image shows the dimension of the tea cup tower.

7 May 2013

Billie-Jean's Birthday Giveaway

Happy belated birthday to Billie-Jean!  She's lovely enough to be giving a lovely array of goodies away on HER birthday!

Pretty gorgeous, eh??  I love the bright colours! 

Thanks Billie-Jean!  Hope you've had a great birthday! :-)

6 May 2013

Bits & Pieces Giveaway @ C'est Magnifique Kits

Oh man - just LOOK at this lovely pile of goodies!  My mind is positively reeling at its deliciousness.  I fantasize about winning something like this.. Maybe my luck will turn THIS time!

Here's the link to enter!

So gorgeous - I actually don't know where to look first!!!

my pretty poppit

Fourth and Final challenge.  I am officially pooped! :-)

I teamed the latest sketch challenge at Blue Fern with the one at Scrapfriends; namely 'Favourites'.

It wasn't hard for me to decide which of my pics of Isabella is my favourite!  It has been on my home PC desktop since the day I took it (almost 1 year ago!).

Here's my LO, combining the 2 challenges.  The sketch is mirrored.

I love this shot of Isabella because it is just so incredibly natural.  She was playing about in the grass and when I called her, she turned to look at me and was about to take the hair out of her face, because it was so windy.  The smile, everything about this photograph just makes me so happy.  Our special little girl!

Here are some additional close up pictures:

A close up of that GORGEOUS little face - and the chipboard.  I treated it with ivory & gold enamel UTEE.  The little heart (taken from the top of the frame) just 'belonged' there below her precious little facey.
Title and delicious treated 'gauze' that I purchase at a local craft store (NO idea how it is treated, but it's delightful to work with!)

I really wanted to keep the colours muted so that the photograph stood out.
Thanks for the visit! :-)


The latest case file at CSI is FABULOUS!  The colour scheme is glorious; I actually used that exact scheme for Isabella's first birthday party!!

I also fell madly in love with the latest sketch at ScrapFriends .. man oh man - I DO love their sketches!  I really do!!!

Here's what I did with the two.

In terms of the CSI requirements:
The Scheme | I used all colours
Evidence | flowers, fence, something woven, circle, distressing
Testimony | I documented Spring
The bottom section of the LO (where the stripes are) is the woven section.  The title is a Blue Fern chippie, which I treated with black UTEE to get a glorious glossy effect.
Here are the close-up images:
Chipboard fence, painted with white crackle paint

Circular doily, dotted with Gesso and microbeads applied while the Gesso was still wet

Flowers and my journalling
 Thanks for looking!

Hello Pretty

(can't believe I completed FOUR challenges today!)

I fell instantly in love with the Mood Board, which is the current Zeus and Zoe challenge. So soft and feminine!  Soooo lovely, isn't it?

I decided to team it up with the latest sketch challenge at ScrapAfrica, which I rotated once, clockwise.

And here is my LO.

I have been doing SO many LO's of Isabella's recent photo's that I thought it best to get stuck into all her older pics!
Anyway, I love this new range of paper from Prima!  So yummy!  Only trouble is that it is already so gorgeous, I didn't want to overdo things and ruin its beautiful effect!  So the result is that I did not do much in terms of actual technique, inking, stamping, etc.
What inspired me on the mood board (aside from the colouring!) was the lace, bunting, mini pegs and antique keys.
The title of this LO is a bit of a play on words based on what you see in the shots - i.e. she is "posing" with Hello Kitty! ;-)
Some stitching on the lace.

Thanks for looking!

Such Gentle Grace


I'm delighted to have found ANOTHER scrapping challenge site - and this one is Brand New!

Check out Scrap Around the World!

Naturally, I have decided to take part in their challenge this month.  What's lovely is that you can enter as many times as you like; and I suspect I may just end up doing that!

Here's their first challenge:

And this is what I did:

I loved the colours of the Mood Board, so I stuck with that (have a penchant for anything teal lately!). The chandelier is what really stood out most for me, so I wanted to use one in my spread also.  The other elements that caught my eye - and which I tried to capture in my LO - is the peonies, flowy table cloth (HOW divine is that!?), rolled rosettes on the back of the chair and the metal work in the windows of the cupboard.
I created my own peonie, out of tuille and organza.  The chandelier is cut from cardstock with my cricut and the chippie on the bottom left has been treated with gesso, clear UTEE and finished off with a soft rose coloured ink.
For the 'whispy' effect of the table cloth, I cut the organza out into multiple triangles and then adhered them down the left hand side of my page; making the bottom a little 'thicker'.  I then quickly ran my heat gun over it so as to melt it slightly and give a more 'raised' effect.
The rolled roses are from the Sizzix templates.
Here are some additional close-up shots.
I really love how these flowers turned out - I may just be hooked on making them!  SO easy!
Title and the rolled rose.

This has been a really great challenge to do - I loved the sketch and the mood board.  So easy to use together.  Can't wait to do more!