29 Apr 2013

Occasional Friends

Today I'm combining the latest Case File (No 69) at CSI, with the current challenge over at Scrap Your Story; namely "Journalling".

The color combo at CSI:

And because I work really well with sketches, I have used one from the gallery over at Scrap Friends.  I am officially in love with their sketches!!  This is the one I selected:

I must just say that I had an absolute ball creating this piece!  It was was so much fun.  I decided not to overthink things (as I almost always do) and just go with the flow.  Again, these are colours I would not ordinarily work with AT ALL - but as ever, CSI manage to give me the opportunity to surprise myself!  And the more out of my comfort zone I am drawn, the more I am actually enjoying my scrapping!

So here is my piece:

The other 'big deal' that both of todays' challenges has started encourging me doing more of is to journal.  Before, I really didn't bother with it and used to rely on sticker words and phrases.

My journalling is tucked below the photo and reads:

"Our dear old dog Proscilla really is the absolute epitome of what a female dog is commonly known as!  She is grumpy and snappy and moody as H*ell; but I love her dearly - and I am the only one who she shows affection to.  Our beloved Basil the Pirate - cat - is uncharacteristically affectionate - especially towards our dogs.  Now, Priscilla is intolerant of this kind of affection - it is just NOT DONE for a cat and dog to get along!  However, 'Cilla does have the odd moment where she gives in to Basil's gentle loving and coaxing.  How pleased I was to have been able to capture such a rare moment between them!"

Would you believe that the little piece of card that is used as the base of the journalling tab is actually the reverse of a price tag!  I just thought it too gorgeous to chuck in the bin!

In terms of CSI's requirements:

The Scheme : All colours were used
Evidence : flowers, house, circles, metal, stripes, jewels, doodle
Testimony : an unlikely friendship

Here are some additional pics.  I really didn't hold back with techniques - and my grubby fingers are proof of that!

My only disappointment with this LO is the titling.  It was brownish, so I used some navy glitter glue over it, but had the shakes (note to self : eat before you scrap!) and it turned out a bit blotchy :-(.

I painted the chicken wire chipboard with some grey acrylic; and I also roughly dry brushed the navy cardstock (see left)

Metal ring, jewels, flowers & stripes

This images shows where the journalling is tucked away.

Thanks for visiting!

22 Apr 2013


Another challenge combo!  Love it when I can do this, especially when I have a heck of alot on my plate!

This time, I'm combining the colour palette challenge at Scrapfriends with the technique over at Scrap Your Story - i.e. stitching.  I'm finding myself becoming more and more inclined to want to use stitching in my pieces.  I really do love the tactile effect.

Here is the colour palette from Scrapfriends:


Admittedly, not a colour scheme I'd lean towards at all; but I was more than pleased with my final result:

I was really thrown by this colour combo, truth be told, especially when had all the paper laid out in front of me, with no idea as to how I was going to put it together to make it work!!

I used stitching on the left edge and along the yellow polka dot paper, as seen, and then also on the doily o the left.

I used a pale yellow and a mustard colourd paint dabber on the doily to give it a shaded effect.  Below is a close-up of the stitching I used on it; and also the hand-drawn 'stitching' around the edges of the doily.

I have had this silver-grey tuille for YEARS and I loved the soft feminine effect it has created on this piece.

And that is it!  Thanks for looking! :-)

The Crazy Goose

Our Isabella's alias is The Crazy Goose.  There is never a dull moment with her around; and quite often, I have tears of laughter streaming down my face with things that she does or comments that come out of that perfect little mouth!

One of her new favourite things to do is to make 'copies' of her face (and some other bits!) with our photocopier at work.  I have quite a collection of these copies (I am a hoarder of note!) and I have been looking for the opportunity to scrap them.

This week's CSI case presented just such an opportunity!  And because alot of the elements I have to use also appear in the latest Scrap Africa challenge, I decided to combine the two.

Over at Scrap Africa, the challenge is to use triangles, confetti and black and white photographs.  And here is CSI's latest challenge:

Here is what I did.

For CSI:
I used all the colours (although the grey-white was hard to find!)
My evidence : clouds, dots (if confetti counts!), small brads, stitching, pen work and triangles
As Testimony, I documented funny, by means of a little poem / rhyme
Here are further close-ups and details:



She really DOES live up to the name Crazy Goose!!!!!

15 Apr 2013


Two challenges combined as one again! :-)

I've combined the latest sketch challenge over at Blue Fern Studios with the one over at Zeus & Zoe; namely - Life as it is now.  Here is the beautiful Blue Fern sketch (we have to use BF chipboard):

For the Zeus and Zoe challenge, we had to scrap about ourself and also use buttons.  Let me start off by saying that I don't have many pictures of myself, because I just don't like being on the 'receiving' end of the camera!  I don't like mirrors very much either .. Anyway, that's a conversation I have with my shrink.

SO.  This is what I came up with for the combined challenges:

My journalling is stitched together and tucked behind the pictures and each tab reads as follows:
WIFE : I feel that everything is as it should be.  I am married to my best friend.  A man who supports me and who loves me no matter what.
MOTHER : After 9 tough years of trying to conceive - my biggest dream (of becoming a mom) when we adopted our Isabella in 2010.  It has been utterly fulfilling being her mommy.
ME : I am blessed to be in a position where I work for Travers 3x a week; and on a Monday and Friday I work at home - solely on my third passion in life; namely scrapbooking.  Everything in my life is "so right"!
I've scrapped alot about our struggle to conceive and about Isabella's adoption - and I know that I will continue to do so. Adoption is so beautiful and Isabella is an incredibly special little girl.
And here are some closeups.
It's official - I am IN LUUUURVE with UTEE - just look at how utterly luscious it turned out on the Blue Fern chipboard!!!  So silken and glossy!

Blue Fern chipboard : organic vine.  I painted it with white crackle paint and sprinkled a few micro beads on it while it was still wet.

You can see the journaling tabs sticking out behind the right hand side of the photograph matting.

13 Apr 2013


The lastest case file over at CSI had me wanting to head for the hills!  Why??  Well, because it was so not me!  I LOVE the sketch, but battled for a good hour to get my head around that image - and how I was going to incorporate it into a LO!!

Anyway.  I soldiered on and after much thought, this is what I came up with!  I decided to use some comical pictures that my mom took of me when Isabella took full advantage of me sitting down in some straw.

I used all the colours, though the oatmeal was a bit tricky to find!

As evidence, I used punctuation as an embellishment, clouds, sun; I used pen to doodle around the edges; I fussy cut the sun; outlined here and there and used plain cardstock.

As testimony, I handwrote my journalling.

I used a piece of recycled 'paper' as matting, to echo the straw that is in the images.  I both glued and stitched it down (stitching can be seen along the top right, just above my journalling piece).

Here are some close-ups:

A close-up of the exclamation which I used as an embellishment.  And you can see the 'straw' backing I used.

I used gesso in the background with a chicken wire template. And chicken wire chipboard was used too.

Reflect : Scrap Your Story Sketch

Two challenges done this weekend!

First off, here is the latest sketch over at Scrap Your Story:

And here is my take on the sketch:

These are amongst my (MANY!) favourite shots of Isabella and I wanted to keep the actual scrapping element of this piece quite simple, so that the pics really 'shone'.  These were taken around 18 months ago at the V&A Waterfront Aquarium.  She was sitting in front of the monster fish tank and between playing with the water, kept on staring at her own reflection.  I really just love these pics... makes me wonder where my BABY has gone!

Here are some close-ups.

I traced all the circles and then did some stitching.  The flowers are made of felt and I layered two of them up and dolly'ed them up with a piece of bling.

I used both washi tape and traditional ribbon.

My special girl! :-)

12 Apr 2013

Little Miss

By golly - I REALLY am enjoying taking part in so many challenges!  Especially when I am able to combine two when my LO-creating mojo has desserted me!!

Here is my second combo for the day : Berry71Bleu's challenge (anything with flowers) + the latest sketch (no 12) over at Scrap Friends, namely:

I sat staring at this sketch for ages and ages.  I was initially daunted by it - I LOVE it, but just couldn't get my ahead around doing something so vibrant and busy - because that is just not how I scrap.

So, I decided to keep the basic layout and just stick to that instead.  Here's what I did - I am incredibly happy with it!

I like to think that I gave that STUNNING sketch its well-deserved justice! FLOWER overload!  Yay!  It was great to be able to use so many flowers!!


I just love these tiny pink resin rose-buds which I found at a local craft shop.

I am more convinced than ever before that I have the most gorgeous little girl! :-)

The Best Day of my Life

The April challenge over at Once Upon A ... Sketch is to follow the sketch, with the theme 'the best day of your life'.

It was obvious to me to choose our wedding day - because it was merely the START to so many more 'best days of my life'!

Here is what I came up with.

The colour scheme of our wedding was mostly purple, with hints of a bright teal.  I can't believe that I have been married to my  BEST friend for almost 14-and-a-half years!!

Here are some close-ups and notes.

My base paper is purple pearlised cardstock and I also used paper from Kaisercrafts Pickled Pear range.  I stitched around the edges; the chipboard is from Blue Fern.  I decided to fussy cut the photo of me, because the background didn't look all that great on this page.

The big lavender flower is from Prima.  Both pieces of chipboard wording were treated with white UTEE.

The butterfly is embroidered and sprayed with pearlised spray.

The 'main' feature of the page is quite 3D - I nestled the wording over the flowers so that it would not be too hidden.