26 Mar 2013

CSI : Case File No 64

I feel really silly saying each time I post my takes on these case files how I love them or how fabulous they are.  So let's just say that it goes without saying that I ALWAYS love these challenges!

I ALWAYS love how they can go from being right up my alley to taking me totally out of my scrapping comfort zone.  How they always manage to invoke totally different feelings with the images and the evidence and testimony.  Great, isn't it?

This weeks' challenge has one word from me - JUICY!  The colours remind me of a Mojito!  Perhaps it's because (with a strong-willed toddler), I'm usually in need of a stiff drink :-)  ha!

So anyway, this is what the challenge looked like this week (I wonder if I'm the only one constantly logging into the site, waiting, waiting, waiting with eager butterflies for the latest challenge?  I also roped dear hubby in so that he could help me work out what time it is launched, SA time!)

And this is what I did:

Colours : I used all the colours
Evidence : I used a bird, rub-ons, jewels, circles, pen work
Testimony : I used words on my journalling from the scheme (journalling forms a 'semi-frame' along the bottom and up the right hand side)

This is one of my most favourite pictures of my Isabella - so blissful, free, happy, innocent, childlike.  I wish I could remember what that was like.....

Anyway, I'm pretty sure that this picture would inevitably ended up being scrapped with pink and a multitude of flowers - but just LOOK how beautifully it actually works with this weeks' challenges colour scheme!  I'm super stoked with the result!  I really am!  And it was only while I was taking pics that it dawned on me that for the first time in ages, I (a) didn't fussy cut and (b) didn't use flowers!  Ha!  I didn't think I'd ever see the day! :-)

Here are some close-ups and details.

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PIC!  Behind the pic of Isabella is a round frame rub-on and some random phrases.  The title is from 2 different sticker sheets.  I wanted the 'YOU' to stand out, so I punched 3 circles from the same yellow paper that is in the layering and finally I gave it a coating of Glossy Accents.

A close-up of the chippie bird and branch.  The bird was only treated with yellow glitter glue; the branch was inked and then embossed with black UTEE, the leaves are flocked with green.  The squiggles on the yellow is pen-work.

I used a rub-on swirl in the top righ corner and along the top left, a rub-on with phrases

This image shows my journalling and the 4 layers (excluding the photograph).

Love it!  So happy with this LO! :-) Thanks CSI!!

I used these green jewels on the swirl in the top right corner and popped one below the photo as well.  They are simply gorgeous and look like little sweeties!

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  1. So glad the challenge dragged you out of your comfort zone. The result is so fresh and engaging :)