11 Mar 2013

CSI Case File No 62

LOVING the new colour scheme of the latest CSI challenge!  And the pic is SO FUN!

I never used to be one who thought that following a sketch would be fun - but it IS!  It actually helps me keep 'grounded', if that makes sense??

So anyway.  I don't really 'do' the friend thing, after being burned at least 50million times, so I decided to scrap the next best friendship that I get to see REGULARLY.  And that is the precious relationship between my Isabella and our (rescue dog) Picasso.  These two are absolute little sh1ts together and I know it's only going to get worse!  He is a brute of a beast of a strong guy, but oh-so-gentle.  We think that he suffers from a very bad case of FOMO - Fear Of Missing Out - as he will follow us around everywhere.

He and Isabella are, honestly, SUCH good mates.  It is utterly precious to see.  It never ceases to amaze me what she can get away with, with him, without being snapped at.  She rides his back, for goodness sake - when the poor fellow is trying to get in a few zzzz's! :-)

Anyway, so here is my submission!

I am bitterly disappointed with the colour quality in this shot!  My actual piece is SO much more vibrant!!!

Cardboard lettering painted with acrylic paint and coated with Glossy accents.  The circle chippie was treated with a lime sponge dauber and sprinkled with a fine misting of glitter.  The flowers are from a Bo Bunny sticker sheet.

Chippie plant; stalks painted with acrylic paint, pot inked and enhanced with teal Kindy Glitz, as is the 'swirl'.  The upper most flower was giving a liberal coating of Glossy Accents and then coated with micro beads; flower second from the top has a coating of Gesso and green glitter glue; flower third from the top and very bottom are also taken from the Bo Bunny sticker sheet.

Evidence : Circles, Plant
Colours : I used all of them
Testimony : I documented a friendship, Circular journalling spot, used the word 'friend' in my journalling
Sketch : I used it as is, no flipping or mirroring

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