26 Mar 2013

CSI : Case File No 64

I feel really silly saying each time I post my takes on these case files how I love them or how fabulous they are.  So let's just say that it goes without saying that I ALWAYS love these challenges!

I ALWAYS love how they can go from being right up my alley to taking me totally out of my scrapping comfort zone.  How they always manage to invoke totally different feelings with the images and the evidence and testimony.  Great, isn't it?

This weeks' challenge has one word from me - JUICY!  The colours remind me of a Mojito!  Perhaps it's because (with a strong-willed toddler), I'm usually in need of a stiff drink :-)  ha!

So anyway, this is what the challenge looked like this week (I wonder if I'm the only one constantly logging into the site, waiting, waiting, waiting with eager butterflies for the latest challenge?  I also roped dear hubby in so that he could help me work out what time it is launched, SA time!)

And this is what I did:

Colours : I used all the colours
Evidence : I used a bird, rub-ons, jewels, circles, pen work
Testimony : I used words on my journalling from the scheme (journalling forms a 'semi-frame' along the bottom and up the right hand side)

This is one of my most favourite pictures of my Isabella - so blissful, free, happy, innocent, childlike.  I wish I could remember what that was like.....

Anyway, I'm pretty sure that this picture would inevitably ended up being scrapped with pink and a multitude of flowers - but just LOOK how beautifully it actually works with this weeks' challenges colour scheme!  I'm super stoked with the result!  I really am!  And it was only while I was taking pics that it dawned on me that for the first time in ages, I (a) didn't fussy cut and (b) didn't use flowers!  Ha!  I didn't think I'd ever see the day! :-)

Here are some close-ups and details.

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PIC!  Behind the pic of Isabella is a round frame rub-on and some random phrases.  The title is from 2 different sticker sheets.  I wanted the 'YOU' to stand out, so I punched 3 circles from the same yellow paper that is in the layering and finally I gave it a coating of Glossy Accents.

A close-up of the chippie bird and branch.  The bird was only treated with yellow glitter glue; the branch was inked and then embossed with black UTEE, the leaves are flocked with green.  The squiggles on the yellow is pen-work.

I used a rub-on swirl in the top righ corner and along the top left, a rub-on with phrases

This image shows my journalling and the 4 layers (excluding the photograph).

Love it!  So happy with this LO! :-) Thanks CSI!!

I used these green jewels on the swirl in the top right corner and popped one below the photo as well.  They are simply gorgeous and look like little sweeties!

19 Mar 2013

Scrap Africa Challenge : Cardstock

So the latest challenge over at Scrap Africa is that we have to use JUST cardstock - no patterned paper.  Sounds easy, doesn't it?  Not necessarily!

I had to DIG DEEP and find that first-time-scrapper moment when all I had was cardstock and the odd embellishment!  When the sight of patterned paper left me totally daunted.

I had initially intended to take the challenge quite literally and cardstock for my embellishments too - but I couldn't resist adding 3 flowers!

Here is what I did.

Plain white cardstock background, gesso chicken wire template in the background and pink, blue, yellow and purple cardstock, cut into hexagons and butterflies.  The hexagons were chalked and the odd one was stamped.

Here are some close-ups.

Blue & purple flowers from Prima and the page was randomly stamped with the same stamp I used on the hexagons.  The edges of the photo's have been sanded and then dabbed with gesso.

Some of the hexagons that were stamped, are raised with foam dots and Glossy Accents applied.  I outlined the butterflies with glitter glue.  The pinkish effect around some of the chicken wire mesh background was caused from my not having cleaned my mask / stencil off properly the last time I used it!!!

Chipboard title.  Inked with Tim Holtz Distress Ink and then randomly painted with Tim Holtz Crackle paint; while the paint was tacky, I lightly sprinkled it here and there with glitter.

A closer view of the hexagons and butterfly.

Thanks Patricia!  This was a great challenge!  A fabulous way to use up those odd bits and pieces of cardstock that were gathering dust!  I think I need to challenge myself to LO's like this more often!  Instead of buying and buying and buying and buying paper!!

Hah! As if THAT will ever happen.....

18 Mar 2013

Soft and Sweet

This weeks' challenge over at CSI is right up my alley - both the colours and the inspiration image / concept.  I adore anything antique / whimsical; and when I first saw the challenge, my mind started to work overtime!  So much so that before I had a chance to sit down and start it off, I had about 7 654 228 ideas wafting around in my head.

Not good.  Not conducive to a calm scrapping moment.

SO.  I decided to stick to a sketch - and I chose the one over at C'est Magnifique - because it just seemed to go SO well with the CSI colours - AND the photo I had in mind.  I just rotated the sketch clockwise.

Here is what I did.

As you can see from the title - I was a little impatient in waiting for the Glossy Accents to dry!  My little Isabella was due home soon and I had to get the pics taken quickly!

So, used all the colours, I used ribbon, flowers, pearls, metal, lace, tags and 2 dressforms.  I documented a hobby (amateur photography) which I journaled on TWO numbered tags.  The words I used in my journalling were 'size' and 'woman'.

Here are some close-ups and additional details:

Metal zipper from prima, lace, ribbon and pearls.

Two body forms, which were fussy cut.

It's no secret that I love fussy cutting - especially photographs!  I wanted this one of Isabella (which, to me, has a very 50's, almost retro feel to it) to pop.  Sometimes we can lose the pictures amongst all the beauty of paper and embellishments!  The heading is board, which I embossed with hazelnut embossing powder and while it was still tacky, I sprinkled chocolate coloured glitter on it.  Once dry, I coated it with Glossy Accents.

The 'leaves' were fussy cut and embellished with Glossy Accents and Liquid Pearls; the fabric leaves were also treated with 2 shades of Liquid Pearls

My 2 journalling tags were tucked into a little pocket and numbered.

I thoroughly enjoyed putting this piece together!  Thanks CSI and C'est Magnifique! :-)

11 Mar 2013

CSI Case File No 62

LOVING the new colour scheme of the latest CSI challenge!  And the pic is SO FUN!

I never used to be one who thought that following a sketch would be fun - but it IS!  It actually helps me keep 'grounded', if that makes sense??

So anyway.  I don't really 'do' the friend thing, after being burned at least 50million times, so I decided to scrap the next best friendship that I get to see REGULARLY.  And that is the precious relationship between my Isabella and our (rescue dog) Picasso.  These two are absolute little sh1ts together and I know it's only going to get worse!  He is a brute of a beast of a strong guy, but oh-so-gentle.  We think that he suffers from a very bad case of FOMO - Fear Of Missing Out - as he will follow us around everywhere.

He and Isabella are, honestly, SUCH good mates.  It is utterly precious to see.  It never ceases to amaze me what she can get away with, with him, without being snapped at.  She rides his back, for goodness sake - when the poor fellow is trying to get in a few zzzz's! :-)

Anyway, so here is my submission!

I am bitterly disappointed with the colour quality in this shot!  My actual piece is SO much more vibrant!!!

Cardboard lettering painted with acrylic paint and coated with Glossy accents.  The circle chippie was treated with a lime sponge dauber and sprinkled with a fine misting of glitter.  The flowers are from a Bo Bunny sticker sheet.

Chippie plant; stalks painted with acrylic paint, pot inked and enhanced with teal Kindy Glitz, as is the 'swirl'.  The upper most flower was giving a liberal coating of Glossy Accents and then coated with micro beads; flower second from the top has a coating of Gesso and green glitter glue; flower third from the top and very bottom are also taken from the Bo Bunny sticker sheet.

Evidence : Circles, Plant
Colours : I used all of them
Testimony : I documented a friendship, Circular journalling spot, used the word 'friend' in my journalling
Sketch : I used it as is, no flipping or mirroring

8 Mar 2013

Two Challenges : One Project

I have been following the CSI : Colour Stories Inspiration blog for quite some time, but have not had the 'courage' to enter, because, well .. have you SEEN the talent!  Quite daunting for a scrapper such as myself.

Other than that, I've just not had the time to take part. 

I've also been following the Zeus & Zoe blog and again - have NOT had the courage to take part here either.

But then I read a blog posting of yet another 'new' scrapping blog that I stumbled upon, where this crafter felt the same.  It was a relief to know that I was not alone!  She has come a far way and her work is tremendous.  Sorry - but I don't remember which of the bloggers in my Reader she is... And there are TOO many there for me to have to sift through.

This week, Case File No 61 over at CSI is this:

Now let me just come RIGHT out and say out loud that my least favourite colour is orange.  Second last on that list is yellow.  It's not that I DISLIKE this colours - they are just not colours I readily choose in my everyday life.  HOWEVER, I loved the scheme.  I loved it very much.

Over at Zeus and Zoe, the challenge is "New Beginnings" and you have to use a mask or a stencil.

I decided to pair the two challenges with one project.  Here it is.

For the CSI challenge:

Evidence : butterflies | plain white background | rub on | gold accents | pleating
Testimony : I documented a dream
Colours : I used all of them (the grey is hard to spot - have a look at the title and the roses in the top right hand corner)

For the Zeus & Zoe Challenge:

My LO is titled 'New Beginnings', because that is what this specific day is / was AND I used a stencil to create a gold centre on my flower in the shape of an elaborate 'x' to represent a kiss! :-)

Here are some close-ups and additional info.

Here you can see the 'x' on the flower.  And the gold accents.  Don't you just LOVE that teddy??  The lace strip below one of my photo mats is pleated and held in place with washi.

A close-up of my journalling.  The butterflies and in fact, all paper (excluding the base) has been chalked with gold.  The swirls (board) have also been chalked with gold and I applied UTEE here and there.

This swirled chippie has been embossed with gold.  This image also shows the pleating of the strip of lace.

I brought some more grey in with my heading - it has been embossed with grey and chalked with gold.

I realise that my work is not on par with many of the talented ladies out there, but I look forward to the personal growth that I just KNOW I will gain from these challenge sites! :-)

6 Mar 2013

C'est Magnifique Giveaway

Oh how utterly DELICIOUS are the goodies in this giveaway over at C'est Magnifique!  Just look at that strip of white ribbon!  And those FLOWERS ...... *siiiigh*

I would dearly love to win it - especially because I have been DROOLING over the range of Blue Fern chippies (which I'd love to see over on South African shores...).

The colours are totally out of my comfort zone, so would be a marvelous challenge for me!

Head on over and take a look for yourself!

I'm sure you'll be drooling along with me! :-)

4 Mar 2013

Canvas : 04 March 2013

Remember when I said in my previous post re: the scrapafrica challenge that I had an idea in my head?  Well, today I decided to put it to fruition! 

I have ALSO decided to start spreading my wings and entering more scrapping challenges; so I'm going to enter this canvas in BerryBleu's March Challenge : You Colour My World.

I am a huuuuge fan of fussy cutting (despite the crampy hand you get) and recently on one of the MANY blogs I follow, one of the talented ladies had made a LO using fussy cut children at play.  I fell in love with the idea in an instant, but had to find the opportunity to take shots of our Isabella, that would work perfectly.

So here is what I did.  I didn't want to do a scrap LO - I WANTED to do a canvas because I WANTED to hang it somewhere in the house.

A few weeks ago, I spotted some paper kitchen towel at our local grocer and fell in love with the design on it (stars & circles) - I bought it with the intention of incorporating it SOMEHOW into my scrapping!

So, this canvas base was prepped with Gesso.  While the Gesso was still wet, I applied the kitchen towel (messily, with creases) and then quickly added more Gesso - but rather thick, and with dabs, so that there was MAX texture.

While it was wet, I sprinkled it with glitter - fine and coarse.

Once dry, I held the canvas at a slight angle away from me so that the Mister Huey mist was applied kind of from the botttom up.  I also made streaks with it, but unscrewing the mister and using the "straw".

I also applied a section of texture paste and lightly pressed some microbeads into it.  The 'sky' was done by heavily diluting acrylic paint and then kinda dry brushing / smooshing / blending it around.  The Mister Huey was still ever so slightly damp and ended up blending quite nicely in places with the acrylic paint!

The clouds were done using Gesso; I did them 'free hand' because I had no template / mask to work with.  Then, while still wet, I sprinkled on some coarse glitter.

Behind the 'tree' on the left, is a strip of gauze.  I sprayed it liberally with Enmarc Glitz - eggshell - and then sopped up the droplets too, that were left behind on my craft sheet.

Then I 'stuck' it down with Gesso and while the Gesso was wet, I sprinkled on globs of gold embossing powder and immediately started to heat the entire surface.  Not everything embossed, which was fine, as I was happy with the result; more so when some of the gauze started to melt and take on a different shape! :-)

I fussy cut 3 characters from the piece of paper with the tree image and adhered them with foam dots; then I put glossy accents on all of them.

The little bridge and the flowers are from Prima (with hindsight, I think I may have preferred to have kept the flowers to the more muted tone of the tree!  Grrrr).  I used puff paint on the flowers for some further texture.

Here are some more images.

This piece is my absolute pride and joy and I have reached the conclusion that working with Canvas is GLORIOUS!!!

1 Mar 2013

ScrapAfrica Challenge : Sketch No 15

I had an idea in my head before I saw the latest ScrapAfrica Sketch.  Or rather, I have an idea of a brand new LO I want to do, and I guess I kinda hoped it would fit in with what the new sketch would be.

Unfortunately, it didn't match with what was going on inside my head; BUT I loved the sketch anyway. I'd already decided upfront that it was time to do a double page LO - it's been AGES since I've done one and I still have an emptry frame gathering dust in my little studio.

(As "fate" would have it, I cannot use the frame with this LO after all, as it has too many raised elements!).

So - here is the sketch:

And here is my take on the challenge, in the form of a double page LO.  You'll see that I have basically triplicated the LO above onto my 2 pages.

I decided to make the page on the left more of a 'feature'.  I tend to do this with most of the double page LO's that I have done in the past.  I dollied that page up alot more than the right hand page and I wanted to bring the 'circle' element from the sketch into that page too; which I did with the fussy cut doily.  All my paper, element stickers and collectables are from Kaisercrafts Secret Admirer page (I think it's safe to say that I am addicted to Kaisercraft's ranges......)

The birdcage appears on the paper, but I used an element sticker over it and raised it with foam squares to give it some dimension.  The chippies on both pages are from Enmarc and were all 'treated' the same - embossed with white glitter emboss and then glazed over with Glossy Accents.  The photograph on the first page is also raised with foam dots.

The only element that is raised here is the bunting on the top right corner - this is from the collectables in this series.  The splotches are Mister Huey.

Here are some close-ups:

I can't believe that I managed to finish this in one day - but I had SUCH a glorious time putting it together.  So much so that I lost track of time and missed my exercise class! *blush*

Thanks - as ever - ScrapAfrica for a lovely challenge.  This may just be my favourite one so far!!! :-)

Have a beautiful day!!!