16 Nov 2012

Two New Challenges

I will be taking part in my second online scrapping challenge this week - one hosted by Scrap Africa

I'm incredibly excited about it; so much so that I have butterflies and I'm ACHING to get home!  When I saw that we have to use Chevron's, I balked at first, because that is not a design that I would readily choose - or that would catch my eye.

BUT after going through my mound of patterned paper, I was ELATED and completely ecstatic to find that amongst my favourite sheets, there was a Chevron pattern!

I will not reveal too much right now, suffice it to say, you'll need to "watch this space" for my reveal.  Not sure when that will be, as I have until month-end to finish my project (yay!).

Alongside this challenge, I will be taking part in the one hosted by The Color Room as well (this is the second time I'm doing their challenge, but this time I won't enter my piece, as I don't think I'm eligible, seeing as how I'm not from Aus).  I took part in their challenge last week (my first online challenge ever!), but I wasn't happy with the image that I took, so once I manage to take a satisfactory shot, I'll upload it right here.

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