15 Nov 2012

Fresh New Start

I'm not new to the blogging world, but I decided to switch to another blog 'provider' so as to keep my other blog completely separate from this one.

My other blog is more personal and is dedicated to my adopted daughter and her birth mom.

You will get to see aLOT of images of my daughter right here on this blog - as I really only scrap with images of her - having taken well over 20 000 shots of her in her short 2 years, 4 months life, that comes as no surprise!

I am SNAP HAPPY!  And I am ALSO SCRAP Happy!

I still need to find a way to take photographs of my scrapping LO's that I am happy with - right now I'm really battling!  I've tried with both my compact and my SLR camera's... anyway, I'm sure I'll find a way.

I hope to upload pics this weekend.

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