19 Nov 2012

AWS Scrapping Weekend

At the end of October this year, I attended a "first-of-its-kind" scrapping marathon, hosted and organised by Cathy of Craft Crazy.

We had 6 local teachers and it was a great event, because we had SO much time to complete our tasks.  I, however, did NOT manage to complete any of my tasks on the day!

My favourite of all was one which was designed by Tannie Alma.  I knew that I wanted the perfect shots to finish it off and after trawling through literally thousands of shots of my Isabella, I finally found what I was happy with and EVENTUALLY managed to finish the project off.

Here are the images of what is, without doubt, my most favourite creation.  Thanks Tannie Alma - you are a true talent!

I am SO happy with the end product!

18 Nov 2012

Scrap Africa Challenge #11

So here is my take on the latest challenge.  I did it on a canvas and used 'Simple Stories' paper.  The woodgrain paper on the right hand side is a leftover piece I had from Amy Tan's range.

I sanded the top picture of my daughter playing in the Winter sun earlier this year, and because the bottom image wasn't quite nicely centre as it was a spontaneous shot, I decided to fussy cut her out - I quite like the effect that it has created and intend doing this with future shots too.

I used various shades of Glitz on the flowers for some bling and I pearlised the centre of the 'flower' design on the right, slightly off-centre.

The upper large chevron is raised on foam squares and inked, and the one below it is glued directly to the backing sheet.

Here are some close up shots:

16 Nov 2012

Two New Challenges

I will be taking part in my second online scrapping challenge this week - one hosted by Scrap Africa

I'm incredibly excited about it; so much so that I have butterflies and I'm ACHING to get home!  When I saw that we have to use Chevron's, I balked at first, because that is not a design that I would readily choose - or that would catch my eye.

BUT after going through my mound of patterned paper, I was ELATED and completely ecstatic to find that amongst my favourite sheets, there was a Chevron pattern!

I will not reveal too much right now, suffice it to say, you'll need to "watch this space" for my reveal.  Not sure when that will be, as I have until month-end to finish my project (yay!).

Alongside this challenge, I will be taking part in the one hosted by The Color Room as well (this is the second time I'm doing their challenge, but this time I won't enter my piece, as I don't think I'm eligible, seeing as how I'm not from Aus).  I took part in their challenge last week (my first online challenge ever!), but I wasn't happy with the image that I took, so once I manage to take a satisfactory shot, I'll upload it right here.

15 Nov 2012

Fresh New Start

I'm not new to the blogging world, but I decided to switch to another blog 'provider' so as to keep my other blog completely separate from this one.

My other blog is more personal and is dedicated to my adopted daughter and her birth mom.

You will get to see aLOT of images of my daughter right here on this blog - as I really only scrap with images of her - having taken well over 20 000 shots of her in her short 2 years, 4 months life, that comes as no surprise!

I am SNAP HAPPY!  And I am ALSO SCRAP Happy!

I still need to find a way to take photographs of my scrapping LO's that I am happy with - right now I'm really battling!  I've tried with both my compact and my SLR camera's... anyway, I'm sure I'll find a way.

I hope to upload pics this weekend.