16 May 2016

Blog Move

It feels GREAT to be back!  I've been "internet-less" for almost a month and it has been one of the MOST frustrating times.  I've had to head over to my folks almost daily to do just 5 minutes of work!
I have also decided to move my Scrap Paper Scissors blog; I'm just not happy with this one anymore.
So... if you still wish to follow my scrapping / art journey, please head over to my NEW blog site (still working on it!):
I will be adding many posts over the next day or so, as I have MUCH catching up to do!!

5 May 2016

Card for Feeling Sketchy

There is a lovely sketch open for you to play along with over at Feeling Sketchy.
Here is what I did with the sketch:


All You Need Is Love (and a cup of tea)

I'm ridiculously frustrated at the moment because I have ZERO internet at home.  I have no idea how to resolve this so I'm having to traipse to mom most days to get stuff done!  SO frustrating!!!!
Anyway.  On to better things!  I'm sharing today my take on the latest sketch over at Let's Scrap sketches.
And here is what I did with this sketch.

25 Apr 2016

Fight Song

Hi fellow artists!
Today I'm sharing my take on the latest challenge over at CSI: Color Stories Inspiration.
This was a really great challenge for me to work with; every aspect of it, right down to the colours!  And here is what I created:

Scheme : all there
Evidence : stripes, flowers, music elements, mesh
Testimony : Music inspired prompt - "Music has the power to...."
I'm sure I'm not the only person who thinks that music has the power to alter your mood.
After my husband died, I purchased a compilation CD called NOW 69.  I don't usually buy CD's at all; but the reason I bought this one was because the number 69 is so significant in my life.  It was the year of his birth.
Suffice it to say, pretty much all of the songs on this CD have come to mean something to me; or I got a "message" from them.
Fight Song is on this CD and it has become my "anthem".  The lyrics speak to me; they say what I want to say.  They say what I want to remind myself of each time I am feeling low.
Not only do I find the lyrics very powerful, but the music behind the song is incredibly uplifting too.
Music is awesome.  It can change where you are in a matter of seconds.
Here are some close up images of my layout.

18 Apr 2016

Card for Feeling Sketchy

Second post of today is for a card I made for Feeling Sketchy, using their latest sketch:


You Are Amazing

Hey there,
Well I'm a few days posting my next two share blog posts, but I've been away since Friday!
First off, this gorgeous sketch over at Let's Scrap.
I'd actually printed off two sets of pics for this one because I couldn't decide what I wanted to do. In the end, I went for some images I took last year at Isabella's little schools' year end Christmas Day. 
Here is what I worked on: